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  1. I find some of the images quite irritating and difficult to look at. The radial background blur makes my brain think the camera is rotating, while the focused foreground doesn't give that impression at all. Definitely not going to buy that lens.
  2. Not an actual recommendation, but you should use a camcorder for filming to avoid the rolling shutter effect a photo camera will give you.
  3. Mit gerippten Videos (z.B. von DVD) wäre ich vorsichtiger. Bei TV-Mitschnitten von Konzerten kann ich mir ehrlich gesagt auch nicht vorstellen, dass man etwas zu befürchten hat.
  4. The house in the foreground bothers me a bit. Apart from that it's a really nice photo, the double exposure works well
  5. Na weil sie dann Tante Antje wär und das deine unterdurchschnittliche Deutschheit erklären würde. Ich geb's ja zu, der Witz war nicht wirklich prickelnd. Es ist aber auch Sonntag
  6. On a 7D you might want to get a 30 mm, for instance the Sigma 1.4 (or you could get the 35 mm 1.4, since you could later use it on a full frame camera if you decide to get one).
  7. YES! Did you see her taking notes? Our theory is that she was evaluating which songs are suitable for braless dancing...
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