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  1. Har har, you replied on your own wall. Facepalm yourself.

  2. I need to steal a horse, been travelling on foot so far.

  3. Villain :phu: I'm just focussing on keeping my horse from being wolf food.

  4. I couldn't remember the name, but that's what the quest journal is for, right? :awesome:

    I'm planning to marry in every town and then murder all my wives, proper serial killer style :D

  5. :LOL: Some guy. You sound on top of things.
  6. That's right, I'll need to do that soon! So far I've only sold armour from people I've killed.

    I think they're somewhere up north. Some bartender told me a rumour about them, now I'm supposed to talk to some guy.

  7. I need to sell my stolen stuff and I think you need to join the thieves guild for their merchant? Or work your way up the speech perks. I'm in Riften at the moment. Where do the Dark Brotherhood live?

  8. It's the Grey Fox :eek: Hello friend :D Have you joined the Thieves Guild yet? I'm not sure whether to start with them or with the Dark Brotherhood.

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