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  1. Frustrating indeed - is there any point still trying? Doubt it but would still be nice to know how many were available - big venue so surely more tickets should be available for genuine fans? This is really annoying. Also £73 a ticket is steep but am prepared to pay that - you would think they would be biting our hands off!!!!
  2. Happy birthday Sexy XXXX:boobs:
  3. anyone who has ordered it having problems with the link sent in their email for the video? Seems the file is not found for my link (and Yes I do know its available on youtube now!) Cheers H
  4. Haven't posted for a while but HOLY HELL I am excited - roll on Sept 17th - think I will be spending a lot of time watching the countdown clock - officially can't wait HB xx
  5. Thanks so much for all your replies guys - I was a little worried that I may be opeing a can of worms but so far most (and I say that tongue in cheek) have more or less agreed. Muse will continue to be the best and I look forward to seeing them again regardless of what or where they play - <3 Muse <3 Thanks again all Peace out HB <3
  6. Saturday September 11th 2010. What a truly spectacular evening. Apart from a few sound issues involving a very large echo off the back wall which was shown the door very early on, the whole thing was completely amazing. But tbh, this post is more about a revelation than anything else. The gig itself was my 10th time of seeing them in 6 years. I have been to Dublin and Edingburgh, travelling from Bournemouth, its sometimes expensive and a very long trip, and I have had my share of disappointment. Sometimes them only playing a majority of older songs and others completely ruled by the newer content. However, my normal rule of thumb is that if they play one or two songs in my own personal top 5 (which changes from album to album and sometimes week to week) I am a happy bunny. Something that occured to me on Saturday night was the total difference in ages and expectation. There are the newer "Twilight" fan base, probaby more of the younger generation, the older people who are fairly new (and I include myself in this as my addiction started at Shepherds Bush after my daughter won tickets) but have also bought the entire back catalogue and then the total Musers who have followed them since the beginning (those of which I am entirely jealous but in awe of for finding them when they did ) So when some from all of these complain about the setlist I want to ask them..... ok... so in order to please everyone what would you play???? But something that actually came to mind yesterday as I was sitting on my sofa attempting to recover any semblance of feeling to my legs (I am 43 now and it takes longer for me to recover:) I suddenly realised, hang on........ surely its not always about the setlist........ surely its about going to see the best live band do their thing and to join with fellow music lovers of all generations to come together and enjoy the experience and camerardery that that brings as well as the music..... I think somewhere along the line some of these people have lost the message which is that love conquers all and together with can do anything ....its not about bitching because they didn't play certain songs..... the message of the new MTV / MK Ultra coalition is about human trafficking and slavery.... surely this is the message we need to be talking about and not the fact that the lack of Newborn or B & H didn't make the setlist. All I know is that Saturday was always gonna be special because it was always billed as the last UK tour date. It lived up to and surpassed everything I have ever seen them do before (including both Wembley Stadium gigs before). It truly was the best Muse gig I have ever been to. Thank you guys. And my message to them???? Guys.... you are and always will be the best. Thanks for coming into my life. To those of you who doubted..... perhaps you should have kept the faith. Peace and love to you all HB <3
  7. As I have said many times over the weekend (inc on my facebook page) this is a definate replacement for my all time fav Muse song of Citizen and sure to be a sobfest for me in future gigs - beautifully written lyrics and my god, Matts voice surely gets better and better.....roll on 14th <3 HB
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