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  1. Yeah, as soon as the game started I just began clicking randomly and after a few seconds a screen popped up saying something like "success, you've found the right orb" or something to that effect, then it asked me to pick an event date and write my name and email. It was my understanding that the 'winner' would get the tickets then their name would be placed in a drawing for the backstage stuff, I guess I didn't understand the rules as well as I thought. Thanks for letting me know before I got too ahead of myself.
  2. I supposedly just won tickets on that Muse giveaway game thing. any one here won tickets on that before? what happens now? It only asked for my name and e-mail address and said I would be getting an e-mail a few days before the show...
  3. I have heard some talk about muscle museum being played recently. It most likely is a fake, but it certainly is the most believable at this point.
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