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I'm not from Europe or went to Euro gigs but the setlist-polls was a joke!


Damn right it was a joke. And it was a bad one at that.


Management: "Let's let the fans vote for songs this summer!"


Muse: "YEAH!"


*fans vote*


Management: "Oh, they voted for songs that weren't on the last two albums."


Muse: "Fuck the fans, they'll keep paying to see us anyway. They are already butthurt from the screwing we gave them with the Asian setlists. I'm sure they won't feel as much pain if we screw them again."


Management: "Yeah, you're right. Do what you want.... OH! But make sure you make an effort for the last night at Wembley. That should make things alright again!"


Muse: "Fine."

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"Half-assed" would be a good way to describe this tour. I wouldn't be surprised if that same mindset carries over to their next tour.

I'm not nearly as bitter as you are about this, but I would say you are right about this tour being half-assed (also illogical and unfair). That said, I'm hopeful that a nice long break will make their next tour better. OPTIMISM!! :dance::party:

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Hopefully a classical album would mean they have an orchestra (or at least a few string musicians; c'mon, Placebo have done it...) at their gigs and therefore they'd be able to play Exo, Blackout and Hoodoo regularly. Which would be amazing.


As much as a I like their heavy rock songs, a more classical-based setlist would be :awesome:

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I belong to the Must See Bliss Live Before I Die club. Unintended too, but Bliss is more urgent while Matt is still willing or able to do the extended falsetto thing.


Idk but maybe all the setlist moaning and pleading may have some effect on management (or Matt who calls the shots.) There's been a lot of pleading of rotating in a rarity for the US, and CE and RBS and Bliss did make a showing or too.


Let's keep up the posting. Bliss must live on!

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Hopefully a classical album would mean they have an orchestra (or at least a few string musicians; c'mon, Placebo have done it...) at their gigs and therefore they'd be able to play Exo, Blackout and Hoodoo regularly. Which would be amazing.


As much as a I like their heavy rock songs, a more classical-based setlist would be :awesome:


And instead of flying UFOs we could have flying pigs!


And the videos on the screens could be hell freezing over!



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They have already said that touring with an orchestra/string players would be too expensive, so I don't think it's anything worth hoping for.


yep cos we all clearly prefer our 40-50pounds to go on ufos, pillars and eyeball balloons :yesey:

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I'm not as irked as some of you about the current tour (though admittedly, I sorta lucked out with some pretty good shows), but there were some questionable decisions, especially toward the end when Unnatural Selection and New Born began being rotated out for whatever reason, and it's not like they were replaced with another song. They were just dropped altogether, resulting in shorter sets. Likewise, while I think we can still depend on seeing New Born appear during the next tour, but less frequently. Some have suggested swapping it with Unnatural Selection at every other show, which doesn't seem like a terrible idea, though quite frankly, I'd still prefer to hear both. And yes, Matt needs to return to the doggone piano during New Born.


Speaking of piano, I'd really like to see its sequence extended. This may be easier if they remove the towers (and I think they will), as it can be wheeled in and out more efficiently without them, and the piano songs can be divided up throughout the show if what Matt says about audience contact is actually true.


As for the older songs needing to be played more, I think it goes without saying. Expending the setlist length can only do favors, especially as Muse's library grows and they have more and more hits to plow through at future shows, endangering rarities even further. I mean, yeah, while it's fun to brag that I got the only instance of Bliss in the U.S. all tour, it's fairly depressing at the same time.


I suppose I'm not as picky as some about this current (soon-to-be-ending) tour as some seeing as how it was my first tour seeing Muse live. In fact, my biggest regret may be not being able to see MK Ultra at any of my shows, since that song seems doomed next tour if the fact that it's on The Resistance and rarely ever played is any indication. But because of that, I've missed out on seeing some great songs from the first four albums, and I think all of us would love a chance to see those revivals.

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This is what I'm expecting:


New Song

New Song

Supermassive Black Hole



New Piano Song

Feeling Good

Undisclosed Desires

New Song

New Song


Time Is Running Out

Plug In Baby


New Song

New Song

Knights of Cydonia


Occasionally one of the new songs will be dropped for New Born, Stockholm Syndrome or Unnatural Selection and we'll all celebrate. :awesome:

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I really hope the Resistance tour isn't an indication of future tours from Muse. They could really make the next tour so much more interesting with not even much effort.


Start with a "generous" 18-20 song template. Let's face it, by the time they tour again they'll have at least 12 more songs in their repertoire. They frankly can't get away with 15-18 song sets for much longer.


Start rotating older songs more often, and with better sense. Swapping Guiding Light for Citizen Erased is comical for sure, but it isn't at all logical.


Start giving more equal representation to their back catalog. They have millions of fans. We all know the music. Even giving just slightly more focus on the newer material doesn't look that bad on paper:


~1 Showbiz song a night

~2-3 Origin songs

~3-4 Absolution songs

~3-4 BH&R songs

~3-4 Resistance songs

~6 New album songs


There's about 20 right there and would probably please just about everybody, assuming it's not the SAME older songs the whole tour. Sure, maybe constructing the set might take a few minutes of extra thought. If Matt doesn't have the time, then they could hire someone who can do it. Like me.


Showbiz: If every Muse gig were guaranteed a song from the list of Sunburn/Showbiz/Cave/Muscle Museum/Uno, there would be far less to complain about. Simple.


Origin: Plug In Baby/Bliss can very feasibly be swapped for one another. Same with New Born/Citizen Erased since both have piano and guitar passages (and Matt should really go back to playing piano on New Born, but that's a whole different topic). Space Dementia, Micro Cuts, Hyper Music could feasibly be shuffled as well. Feeling Good could even pop its head in once every so often, too. I don't think people really hate that song so much as they feel it doesn't need to be played at every gig.


Absolution: Hysteria and TIRO aren't going anywhere ever, let's face it. As much as it pains me, Stockholm could be put on shuffle with another epic song like Butterflies. Small Print/Atheist could be swapped for an extra treat every so often, too.


Would this be so hard?


1 New Song

2 New Song

3 New Born / Citizen Erased

4 Supermassive Black Hole / Map of the Problematique

5 Uprising

6 New Song

7 Hysteria

8 MK Ultra / Unnatural Selection / Assassin

9 New Piano Song

10 Older Piano Song

11 Resistance / Undisclosed Desires

12 Origin of Symmetry / Absolution Selection

13 Starlight

14 Time Is Running Out

15 New Song


16 Showbiz Selection

17 Stockholm Syndrome / Butterflies & Hurricanes


18 New Song

19 Bliss / Plug In Baby

20 Knights / Take a Bow


This, I would love. :happy:

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Whatever happens two piano songs is simply not acceptable. FFS it's a defining feature of the band. We've gone from little piano "jams" with a little snippet of a prelude in amongst 3, 4 piano songs to USoE and Feeling Good.


Hello? How many of your best songs are you asphyxiating there?


Four piano songs = perfect IMO.

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