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  1. hi guys! i recieved a few offers for my signed OOS CD but as i started getting confused with everything i decided to just put it up on ebay. i put the lowest offer i got as the starting price (50 pounds) and this way payment and shipment will be easier and safer for everyone and as i'm in UK right now the postage in UK is free for the buyer as far as i'm concerned. i don't plan on relisting it as i'm going back home next week and postage will be more expensive so i either sell it or not http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260856257137#ht_500wt_949 if the person who buys it wants i can add in some pics i took at the signing too lol
  2. Hi guys, I haven't been here in forever, but as I was cleaning my room and a lil desperate for money I decided to sell some CDs, including Muse ones. I thought I'd ask here if anyone is interested before putting them up on eBay. As I'm unsure yet how much to sell these things for, if you're interested in anything then just give me an offer privately, I'm not looking to make money on them and will probably sell most of these for what I paid for or less. All items weren't played too much and some not at all even lol (as most of them I have other copies) Origin of Symmetry (signed by the three of them) Absolution (signed by Dom) Black Holes Japanese version (with Glorious) Black Holes with Bonus DVD Invincible single (with Knights of Cydonia remix) Supermassive Black Hole single (with Crying Shame) Dead Star/In Your World (version with Can't Get My Eyes Off You) Absolution DVD (PAL) Hullabaloo DVD (PAL) HAARP (with postcards) Muse Supermassive Collection (NME CD) got stuff like stickers and badges that I'm not selling but will be happy to randomly send them to whoever buys anything as I don't need them lol
  3. Happy Birthday! :party:

  4. Lol supporting mcr back in 2007
  5. you're absolutely correct there was actually too much competition over who was bring them, turns out it can actually screw things up.
  6. well, i told greek people some of what i know. and i am certain they'll be announcing greece soon.
  7. i got the album they make me sad but i wanna watch them, it's funny cos character-wise apparently they're quite rock star-rish lol but their songs are so melancholic.. they're playing may 17th.. about a 1000 people venue lol
  8. haha no need for license really, but we have our rules 1. you do not talk about wig crew. 2. you do not talk about wig crew. 3. different colours - as in, if you go to a gig with other wigged peoples make sure you all have different colours. we're like skittles
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