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    11 September 2010 Wembley Stadium
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  1. bambu41

    Digamos que usted tiene acceso a un descuento por créditos rápidos el pago de su proveedor anterior, pero que dude? No importa cuál es la razón, es conveniente para calcular la tasa anual para evaluar su costo de oportunidad. Un descuento por pronto pago o descuento pronto pago es una oportunidad para invertir en la empresa mediante la inyección de una cantidad antes de tiempo con el fin de obtener un retorno: el descuento . Sin embargo, esta inversión podría privar a otros sectores. Anualizando la tasa de pronto pago le ayudará a comparar su rendimiento con su costo de capital, que le dirá si es más rentable invertir en la franquicia de descuento que en el negocio a otra parte .

  2. Coldplay and the Killers were both nominated for Brits in 2009, both performed at the Brits, both won nothing, both then performed at the War Child gig directly after the Brits finished. Muse shouldn't have expected anything because at the end of the day they were not the best in either of the categories they were up for and if they thought they were they need knocking off their pedestals.
  3. See now that's just a subjective opinion to you. To me it's a perfectly good, clever answer to the question and just because it's not a particularly nice venue it is a venue. I'd love to see Muse in a "toilet venue" again. And how is the sexy plane classed as a venue?
  4. Yeah I had to endure both, he was also at the Foos Wem Stadium show and I'm sure there was another.
  5. Zane also DJed at Wembley Stadium 07 if I remember correctly. I remember him turning up at every show I seemed to go to there around that time.
  6. I thought GlazOk might have been saying they should have made the short list in a slight tongue and cheek way what with a few of their designs not being serious such as the Grammy one and the heart one.
  7. Â Agree, yes they're all good but only 2-3 are unique and something Muse haven't already done in some form.
  8. Aww I in-visioned Kev inviting you round for tea. Giving you a Harry Potter gift to ease the pain of the terrible news, then you guys hugging it out.
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