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  1. This isn't really true for the most part. They became known in Australia because of Black Holes & Revelations. The Resistance basically rode off that success and The 2nd Law saw large drops in gig attendance relative to TR tour. I'm not sure if it was the same internationally, but if it was, then this could be the reason behind muse stating they are going back to their roots for this next album.
  2. I went to Brisbane 1st and 2nd night. 2nd night was the best muse gig I've seen.
  3. Originally I voted it 5th, however that was just after it came out (I thought nothing could be worse than TR). I have now come to my senses and realised that this is truly the worst thing muse have ever done. OoS>Abso>BHAR>Showbiz>TR>T2L Muse have lost their uniqueness.
  4. Its not the muse we know and it seems like they're trying to be something they're not, but madness is really fun to listen to. Much better than Survival and Unsustainable.
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