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    RATM, QOTSA, Radiohead etc...
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    Anything by Tarantino, Sin City, etc.....
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    10/09/10. Bloody Brilliant.

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  1. Sorry for the extremely late response mentlegen! Been really busy these last few months.

    Yes I am the RayFan9876 who made Nuke Pack 4 on garrysmod.org. Glad to hear the recognition. :D

  2. Seasons greetings!


    All the best and have a Merry Christmas! :)

  3. Superb at Wembley! Thanks a lot!

  4. I'm gonna sound like a geek here... but did you make that nuke pack on garrysmod.org? I thought I saw the name before!

  5. its wierd my and my friend were talking about oranges of symmetry today (i dont know why) and i saw ur name and i cracked up :)

  6. DVD's great. Nice to see some love for the first night!

  7. Hi. Could you please change my (frankly, awful) name to DyingAtheist96 please? If so, then cheers!

  8. Love your picture and your sig.:chuckle:

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