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  1. You are SO NICE to do this. After downloading forever (at various points it said arriving in 6 days, even 4 years at one point!) I'm enjoying this. A real big present. Especially enjoying Disc 2 loaded with favorites!
  2. Very fun thread! Perfect for killing the between gigs blues! I can't get over Matt the drummer hamming it up:
  3. LOL - me too! Now when I listen to OTHER live recordings, I semi expected that. Ruined!! Too funny you made that noise yourself! We won't kill you then. You are too valuable Thanks for all the DVDs!
  4. I've seen Muse 3 times and at OSL was the first I noticed some 'human' glitches in Matt's voice. In Oakland and even when Sacrament-owned in 2010, vocals were perfect. Glitches or not, he sang his heart out in OSL! Hope his voice continues to age beautifully, unlike sadly some others'.
  5. Incredible stage sets! It would save them a lot of money not to have to lug around the towers but they did and they were genius! The tour won them a lot more US fans so they will come back more often! Dom played with everything he's got (no matter what he's wearing.) Chris - rock solid bass, and awesome to see him getting healthier and healhier through the tour. Matt - so much wonderful vocals, and thanks for MKU, US, and even NSC & IBTU I got CE last weekend, though not strictly through TR tour, but indirectly through TR's success. Happy. Sacramento a faint memory after the awesome OSL.
  6. I didn't know about Black Keys before, and still don't like their type of music, but they were SO GOOD live that I will spend time getting to know their stuff. They were so into their music that it was simply contagious. But I'll remember to stay away from their segment of rough fans if I ever see them again!
  7. That's heartbreaking! Hope karma catches up with those guys. At least you had a perfect recording early in Indy. There were a bunch of shirtless rowdy guys shoving each other in their little 10 foot circle. Thank God they left before Muse started, or at least went further back. EDIT: photo of crowd yesterday waiting for Muse
  8. Didn't hear any comments specifically (ears blasted out anyway since we were right underneath speakers) but it looked like everyone in the front 50 rows anyway had a blast. Pretty great crowd energy and sing-a-longs to TIRO and Starlight. Their visuals really blast everyone away too. Great job Tom and crew!
  9. Actually in that crowd, asking if the song is from OOS is already considered knowledgeable. My crowd enjoyed it, but just didn't realize how special it is to US fans. You can't even make up spoof as good as this. This had me LOL. But Matt has seasoned fans mishearing things like 'we're hungry for some onions' so blame Matt.
  10. Oh, and Dom said in his understated Dom way "we're going to play an old song now" - and that was the intro to CE. Only like 30 boardees knew what it meant, haha.
  11. Quick impressions from last night: Matt was pulling off a lot of 'rock god playing for big crowd moves'. I felt he (I said he specifically because Chris and Don are pretty consistent across gigs) put a lot of energy into putting on a good show for everyone. I felt there was not so much interplay with Don and Chris as reported in other gigs. Matt did knee slides/knee drops more and played for a while on his knees in one song. Don did look at him with amusement then. Great to hear CE but experience was tampered with by non fans / casual fans not realizing the greatness of the moment! A couple left from the front rows during the song - who does that!!! And a couple of crowd surfers too during CE. There were at least a dozen surfers - most were asking to be taken out. Matt also called us Ahh-Some! He threw Dom's sticks to people on his side at the end. Who got Chris harmonica and a big smile? At the end of PIB, Mat came to our side, stage edge, and did a little solo without the pick (had it between his lips) That was nice. Otherwise all night long I was straining to see him through a jungle of tall people and long arms. (And when he's on his knees only barrier people could see him LOL.) All in all pretty great show and my first mosh pit (lots of other petite girls around us said this was also there first! Things we brave for our favorite band!) Pretty good crowd though I'd say majority are fans who've heard TR or the singles before. Mayor came on before the show and said 180,000 attend over 3 days, so say 60,000 on Sat. Maybe a majority was at the main stage - 45,000 - 50,000? Definitely the biggest crowd Muse has played for in SF!
  12. I was there... but "never heard him do what" before? LOL. EDIT: oh, I see, that Ian Gillan scream at the end - that was special. And what did he say before: just Thank you San Francisco?? We were like 7 rows behind barrier... when the fog invasion got going we couldn't see ANYTHING for like 30 seconds!
  13. So no hint either way whether CE will be 'kept' on the setlist for OSL? Did you detect a glint / twitch in his eye, LOL? I wonder if Bliss is considered one of those songs that strain Matt's voice and that's why it's not played a lot. The mystery appearance of Bliss on some setlist floating around keeps things interesting for sure. Will he or won't he?
  14. Have you tried joining couchsurfing.com ? If you choose people with lots of great references (and can give good personal references yourself) it works great to find a host for this kind of short stays.
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