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  1. Yeah I'd do this too. Also trying to write a transition from the heavy ---> piano part like on CE would be interesting too.
  2. Woah. Not even for the combination, the CE bits on their own sound incredible.
  3. I agree with this but it's still one of the better ones since that time. I really doubt that Matt will produce 04 kinds of performances again. At a bare minimum they'd need to actually close with it for it to be possible.
  4. I really don't know why I'm getting sucked into this, but okay. Uh, no. It was pointing out that people are paying substantial amounts of money (and, by extension, making substantial efforts), to see them, and the band should take that into account. Given that their major hits from over a decade ago are being played almost ubiquitously without rotation, I'm pretty sure they already do... Hell, look at Download if you want explicit proof. ... Uh, yes. They should. They're not jamming amongst themselves, they're professional entertainers whose job it is to entertain the people who go and see them. No, you made that insinuation. Concocted it out of whatever bizarre, vaguely paranoid hidden agenda you feel the need to read into what I thought was a fairly basic point. And nor, as has been explained, were the people on the previous few pages "complaining" when they suggested that Micro Cuts should probably be dropped for the sake of Matt's voice. Okay? I'm not aware that I had defined myself as "everyone", nor had I implied that people who wanted songs such as NSC played - which I hadn't even brought up - were somehow "lesser" and shouldn't be catered to. But I don't think it's ludicrous to suggest that for the band to have no regard for the wishes of the people who are making sacrifices to see them would be a bit shit. Note that I didn't actually suggest that the band actually, y'know, does this. So is repeatedly frothing over bewildering insinuations I didn't actually make. But you managed to make me spend five minutes defending what I assumed was immediately obvious, so well done on that.
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