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    Muse Fan Since 04, I am pretty chill and always open to meet new Musers, woot.
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    Ensenada, Mexico
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    Bass Guitars, Visual Arts,Writing, Theater, Cooking, Biking, Teaching, Japanese Stuff, Anime, Health Sciences, Radio DJ, Going To Gigs, Translating
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    DJ At KUCI, Translator
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    Muse, Radiohead, Franz Ferdinand, The Beatles, The Strokes, Depeche Mode, The Killers, Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, Cafe Tacuba, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Victor Wooten, Kishi Bashi, Andrew Bird, Of Montreal, La Sera, Electra, Vivian Girls, At The Drive-In, Beach House, Neon Indian, FIDLAR, Passion Pit, Mariachi El Bronx, Hospitality, and other indie artists.
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    Aside from Comedies like The Hangover, Star Wars, and Scott Pilgrim. La Vita e Bella.
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    Anime! Doctor Who and Sherlock (like most nerds), and a few sitcoms such as 30 Rock, TBBT, New Girl, etc., I also like shows like Pawn Stars; feel free to judge.
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    The Alchemist By Paulo Coehlo and Cat's Cradle By Kurt Vonegutt. My Japanaese Language Books and TLOTR Trilogy, some of The Hunger Games I suppose, 1984 and Animal Farm, uhhh...Marcelo In The Real World.
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    All Except HAARP in Vinyl Format and CD...and now I do not own T2L...because I didn't like it that much...I'll get around to owning it soon.
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    -Muse At the Forum April 2007 In Inglewood, CA. USA
    -Muse At The Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Irvine, CA. USA
    -KROQ AA Xmas 2009
    -Vegas Mandalay Bay
    -Las Viejas Arena, San Diego
    -Honda Center, Anaheim
    -Staples Center, Los Angeles
    -Staples Center Night #2, Los Angeles (Bliss!)
    -LA Rising, Los Angeles, CA
    -Staples Center Night 3 for T2L Tour
    -US Airways Center in Phoenix Arizona for T2L Tour
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  1. Mickey Mouse Wheels On The Bus | Nursery Rhymes for Children & Kids Songs

    mickey mouse | wheels on the bus | nursery rhymes

    Website : www.thebussong.com

  2. Getting desperate here, there is no GA anywhere, which is making me worry I need one GA, can anyone help me out? Or maybe it's a lost cause
  3. I finally won an entry for my dad yesterday, now all in my party have an entry which includes my mom, dad, friend, girlfriend, Muser friend, and myself I wish I knew the chances here, I like to calculate, in any case, 6 entries to a rather unpopular gig in Phoenix is pretty good I think!
  4. I'm on the same boat actually, I need some info on hotels around the area I read a bunch of bad reviews about some motels so I have decided to stay either in a Holiday Inn hotel by the airport or this Hilton hotel south of Phoenix, they're both 20 minutes away from the venue, yeah
  5. I'm going at around 7 or 8AM, I don't know anything about Phoenix, this is my 2nd time visiting the city
  6. I see, no problem, I emailed them and they told me the same thing I don't think there is a ping-pong game contest though, no radio station has anything about it I am hopeful on the backstage contest, myself and the 5 other people in my party have entries, here goes nothing!
  7. Totally waiting for TM to release some tickets soon for GA...or to find one on resale, I need one more GA, ugh! In other news...JUST 23 days for me to leave to Phoenix!
  8. 11th Muse gig on the way but I am still looking for ONE MORE GA ticket for a friend, she's coming from Mexico, I got her flight and all... There's nothing on MuseBay or on TM resell unfortunately :/
  9. So is this the way to win? I really want to at least get an entry into the Phoenix gig D:
  10. Still looking for 2 seats or (more importantly) 2 GA. I need 4 tickets in total...none in musebay yet...hmmm
  11. So I'm going! Got seats on section 214, back stage on Matt's side, hope is not too bad; it should be good! Anyone ever had experience on back stage by Matt's side? It's at a 45 degree angle
  12. Hey guys! I can now go to ONE gig and I am looking for a pair of seat tickets for face value, preferably in good seats, let me know via PM or reply! Thanks! Oh, only for night 1 or 2!!! Please let me know cause I don't want to look for stubhub tickets :/
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