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  1. Oh! I see what you're saying. And... yeah, yeah, you're right. As cool as it was, Matt can't pull off the blue look nowadays. It would still look better than if he were bald, though.
  2. I can see it. LOL, I don't think bald suits any of the Muse members. Can you imagine Matt or Dom trying to pull off the bald look?
  3. I at least get what they were going for with the Drones Tour. (By comparison, I have no idea what Matt was going for in the OOS years.) Like, it was part of the concept. I was reminded of Pink Floyd's appearance during The Wall Tour, and anything that reminds me of The Wall gets a thumbs up from me. And I know that they were going for that during the Drones Tour; I just wish they had committed to it. Though is it just me, or has Dom forgotten that sleeves exist? Hey, don't be dissing the Absolution Tour look. That tour gave us the lab coat! Honestly, it looked kind of weird in the videos too. Though that may just be me. Actually, I liked his jacket. Matt should wear more weird jackets like that one. Though I wasn't a fan of his hairstyle during that tour. Speaking of hair, ever notice that Chris seems to be unable to stick to a hairstyle? Like, sometimes he's bald, sometimes he has a weird fauxhawk thing, others he has long hair, and still others he has any of those plus a mustache.
  4. Ever notice that despite Origin of Symmetry being one of Muse's best albums (second best for me behind Absolution) and its tour capturing the band's energy the best, it also has what has to be by far Matt's worst look? The spiked hair, the gold painted skin, the veins drawn onto his arms, Matt's sex face becoming super noticeable...
  5. Having checked on Wikipedia, I discovered something interesting. Though both Uprising and Madness made it to #1 on the alternative charts and both went 2× Platinum, Uprising also peaked at #37 on the Billboard Hot 100, while Madness only went to #45. So technically, that makes Muse a one-hit wonder in the US. Man, our country really does suck, doesn't it?
  6. Actually, it would be awesome to see the song Showbiz live (if Matt can still hit the notes), but I would honestly prefer it with the extended bass and drum intro that was on the album as opposed to just starting with guitar like in most live performances.
  7. So he even made contributions on "Hysteria," "Apocalypse Please," "Feeling Good," "Time Is Running Out," and "Plug in Baby"? I mean, if he did, don't correct me about it; my point is more that he hadn't started to take over Matt's job yet like he seems to have done now. In their 2013 tour, he had more of a presence than Dom--see "Unintended." (To be honest, I don't even know what he does on those songs I listed currently. They don't sound much different than when Muse were a three-piece band.)
  8. The newest music video from my band Dark Matter recently crossed the 60k mark! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxHcCisbsdg
  9. If we're counting live videos: Hullabaloo Best: The tracklisting is great and it shows Muse at their peak of onstage energy, before the uses of pre-programmed synths and big screens and huge production value. The behind-the-scenes footage is cute, too. Worst: The video's shaky camera angles give me a headache after watching it. Absolution Tour Best: This is arguably Muse's best show and the enhanced sound and camera angles from the BBC footage make it even better. The bonus tracks are also really good. Worst: Why, oh why did they cut "Citizen Erased" and "Stockholm Syndrome"? HAARP Best: The tracklisting is phenomenal and Muse is great live as usual. Plus, this was back when Morgan didn't play on every single song or pointlessly join in on guitar, so that's another bonus. I also like the addition of trumpets, and the live version of "Take a Bow" beats the studio one by a mile. Worst: I guess the fact that the colors are so washed out in parts of it? Live at Rome Olympic Stadium Best: The bonus tracks ("Stockholm Syndrome," "Unsustainable," and "Liquid State"). The filming is much more steady here, too, than it was in HAARP or Hullabaloo. Worst: The pointless grayscale in parts of it. Matt singing without playing an instrument. Cutting out whole songs or parts of songs. "Starlight" as the closing track.
  10. Funny, pretty much my entire knowledge of French is from this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9DCAFUerzs And this isn't even French. This is just English with an outrageous accent.
  11. I guess they do have appeal in that they're heavier, harder rocking songs, but that doesn't always equal good. As for me, I still can't take Agitated 100% seriously because of Matt singing in the chorus about how "You do it to me sweetly, to my yeah-yeah." I did see one person saying there was nothing good about T2L apart from Isolated System and Animals. I counted that because it was close enough. What I was more shocked about was when Jobby initially had nothing good to say about Absolution, though I guess I shouldn't be shocked about that given that he's told me how much meh it is. Out of curiosity, how well does he do with his pronunciations? I'm no expert at French, though I do know Spanish pretty well.
  12. You can do it if you want. Please note that I'm also counting "your," "you've," "you're," and things like that as "you." With that in mind, he does say that a lot during the song.
  13. You know, I wondered if some particularly bitter fans would say that there's nothing good about The 2nd Law or Drones, and I was right. Anyway, let's see the best and worst of each album! And I would include the live albums, but, well, nobody else is, so... Showbiz Best: This was when Muse was more personal and less political. We need to get some of this Muse again. "Hate This and I'll Love You" is also particularly good. I wish there was some high quality video footage of them playing that song live. Worst: Matt's lyrics can be a little wonky, to the point where I legitimately believe that this album has more noticeable bad lyrics than any of their other albums ("I have played in every toilet," "Its scent has been blowing in my direct-shoon," "Five thousand houses burning down," "Royal Canadian blended," "Your brain needs some assistance," "I'm young but you know that I'm aroused"). Also, what's with that album cover? Origin of Symmetry Best: "Citizen Erased," which is by far Muse's best song IMO. There were also a lot of other great songs here, though do I really need to explain this further? Everyone seems to agree that this album rocks. Worst: The production is a little off on this album. I frequently have trouble understanding what Matt is singing. Also, "Feeling Good" seems like it would have fit better on a B-sides compilation instead of an album. Absolution Best: Now here's where I may lose a lot of people: I think this album is better than OOS. There is so much I can praise about this album: the lyrics, the proggier direction, the fact that this is the perfect transitional album between Muse's early stuff and the more mainstream material they made later (I listened to The Resistance and Black Holes and Revelations first before I listened to OOS, which kind of puzzled me; when I relistened to OOS after having listened to Absolution, I was much more ready for OOS and liked it a lot more than my first listen). If I had to praise on thing, though, it's the amazing instrumentation on every single track, with particular highlights being "Apocalypse Please," "Sing for Absolution," "Hysteria," "Blackout," and "Ruled by Secrecy." The bass lines are especially improved here; Chris really shows off his talents. This album is a must-have for any Muse fan. Worst: Um... "Endlessly" is a little slower than the songs before and after it. Also, the album mix of "Butterflies and Hurricanes" is a little weak; Black Holes and Revelations Best: In my opinion, this album has the greatest opening and closing tracks of any Muse album, IMO. "Take a Bow" and "Knights of Cydonia" are pure epicness. There are also a few other great tracks, like "Supermassive Black Hole," "Map of the Problematique," "City of Delusion," and "Hoodoo." Also, I don't care what anybody else says, Invincible kicks ass. Worst: It's kind of a mess when it comes to tone. It's split between wanting to be a full pop rock album and a more epic one. "Starlight" is a little weak, and I'm also not a fan of the shortened "Assassin." The Resistance Best: This is the first Muse album I ever listened to all the way through, and it's a perfect introduction for newcomers to the fanbase, with hard rockers like "Uprising," "Unnatural Selection," and "MK Ultra"; poppier numbers like "Resistance"; and symphonic rockers like "United States of Eurasia" and the prog masterpiece "Exogenesis: Symphony." Also, this has my all-time favorite Muse album cover. Worst: The studio version's ending of "Uprising" isn't as good as the live one, "Undisclosed Desires" and "Guiding Light" are far from perfect, and Matt's French just sounds corny on "I Belong to You," which I can't think of without thinking of a certain movie series. The 2nd Law Best: People were far too harsh on this album IMO. "Supremacy," "Panic Station," "Survival," "Animals," "Big Freeze," and "Isolated System" were all pretty great, and I actually enjoyed Chris's two songs. He needs to sing lead more. I actually didn't mind Muse dabbling in other genres like others seemed to. I even sort of liked "Madness." Worst: "Follow Me" was a little bland. I know he wrote it for his son, but still. Also, "Unsustainable" could have been better and the album's cover wasn't as good as a lot of the fanmade ones. There wasn't really much of a structure to the album, either, apart from "we're doing this genre now" for every other track. Drones Best: This is probably Muse's hardest rocking of their post-Absolution albums. Everything about this reminds me of a really great album from the '70s or '80s; the concept reminds me of other rock operas like The Wall or Tommy, while some of the songs remind me of AC/DC. The production by Mutt Lange is really great and I think they need to collaborate again. "Reapers" has one of my favorite solos from Matt, and "The Gloabalist," "Dead Inside," "The Handler," and "Defector" were awesome tracks. Worst: "Revolt" is awful. It sets itself up to be good only to have a completely disjointed chorus that feels like it was written for a different song. Also, the lyrics may be a little too on the nose for some. The odd repetitions of "babe" throughout the album don't help matters. And the album cover just looks silly. (Call me immature, but it reminds me of phallic imagery. )
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