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  1. tl;dr Muse are doing well in the race for Song Of The Year here in Holland, please help me make it #1 by voting here I work for 3voor12/VPRO, which is basically a cross between PBS, BBC and Pitchfork. Meaning we do reviews, interviews, record + publish liveshows etc. Every year since 1985 we give out an award for Song Of The Year, that people can vote for. Previous winners include Arcade Fire, Tame Impala & De Staat. As I said, I work for the organisation, and I can say Muse has a very good chance of winning, but there's still a week left to vote. I'd absolutely love it if Muse won, so if you have 3 minutes to fill out this form and select 'Pressure' that would be awesome. Told my colleagues I was planning on doing this, and they're doubting I can get enough people to vote. So yeah, if you'd like Muse to win this, and in the process prove my colleagues wrong: please vote here https://stem.npo3fm.nl/3voor12-song-van-het-jaar-2018/1 Thanks in advance, let's take Muse to the top!
  2. i'd like to get one of those men that walk into the 'chaos' building on the first page of the Origin Of Symmetry booklet. the drawing by darrell gibbs, i reckon that makes a cool tattoo...
  3. well, i absolutely hate that one, was expecting so much of that one, but it just doesn't have any power or energy, they should've put mine out instead
  4. just did it, but it's not really worth putting up, it get's too busy if you do that... i wish i could do more remixes of muse their stuff, but i only had the acapella version of this song, doesn't anybody else have other songs of theirs acapella? or maybe something by klaxons or some other good band? i only have CSS' Alala, did a remix of that as well, if anybody's interested i'll put that one up as well
  5. yeah, i actually really wanted to know, so thanks ! but what did you think of the song?
  6. here's a new link for everyone who missed it, slightly changed the song as well http://rapidshare.com/files/18408517/Gargantuan_Black_Holez.mp3.html
  7. i made this myself yesterday in about an hour, thought it was really nice, until now... no just kidding, still like it, thanks for the critisiscm (how do you write that?), will maybe do one with a really weird drumbeat
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