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  1. tl;dr Muse are doing well in the race for Song Of The Year here in Holland, please help me make it #1 by voting here I work for 3voor12/VPRO, which is basically a cross between PBS, BBC and Pitchfork. Meaning we do reviews, interviews, record + publish liveshows etc. Every year since 1985 we give out an award for Song Of The Year, that people can vote for. Previous winners include Arcade Fire, Tame Impala & De Staat. As I said, I work for the organisation, and I can say Muse has a very good chance of winning, but there's still a week left to vote. I'd absolutely love it if Muse won, so if you have 3 minutes to fill out this form and select 'Pressure' that would be awesome. Told my colleagues I was planning on doing this, and they're doubting I can get enough people to vote. So yeah, if you'd like Muse to win this, and in the process prove my colleagues wrong: please vote here https://stem.npo3fm.nl/3voor12-song-van-het-jaar-2018/1 Thanks in advance, let's take Muse to the top!
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