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  1. heyo, this is IABI TV, if you ever read this (and fixed your forgotten password), send me a message back ^^

  2. What's the best live performance of Uprising? I need to send one to a friend.
  3. Wow, really? I didn't actually know he had a transplant.
  4. Oh! I see what you're saying. And... yeah, yeah, you're right. As cool as it was, Matt can't pull off the blue look nowadays. It would still look better than if he were bald, though.
  5. Hey, don't knock blue hair until you've tried it.
  6. I can see it. LOL, I don't think bald suits any of the Muse members. Can you imagine Matt or Dom trying to pull off the bald look?
  7. I at least get what they were going for with the Drones Tour. (By comparison, I have no idea what Matt was going for in the OOS years.) Like, it was part of the concept. I was reminded of Pink Floyd's appearance during The Wall Tour, and anything that reminds me of The Wall gets a thumbs up from me. And I know that they were going for that during the Drones Tour; I just wish they had committed to it. Though is it just me, or has Dom forgotten that sleeves exist? Hey, don't be dissing the Absolution Tour look. That tour gave us the lab coat! Honestly, it looked kind of weird in the videos too. Though that may just be me. Actually, I liked his jacket. Matt should wear more weird jackets like that one. Though I wasn't a fan of his hairstyle during that tour. Speaking of hair, ever notice that Chris seems to be unable to stick to a hairstyle? Like, sometimes he's bald, sometimes he has a weird fauxhawk thing, others he has long hair, and still others he has any of those plus a mustache.
  8. Ever notice that despite Origin of Symmetry being one of Muse's best albums (second best for me behind Absolution) and its tour capturing the band's energy the best, it also has what has to be by far Matt's worst look? The spiked hair, the gold painted skin, the veins drawn onto his arms, Matt's sex face becoming super noticeable...
  9. Having checked on Wikipedia, I discovered something interesting. Though both Uprising and Madness made it to #1 on the alternative charts and both went 2× Platinum, Uprising also peaked at #37 on the Billboard Hot 100, while Madness only went to #45. So technically, that makes Muse a one-hit wonder in the US. Man, our country really does suck, doesn't it?
  10. Now that's also true. I think their highest charting one in the US is Uprising, but I don't know about other countries.
  11. Starlight is their biggest hit? I mean, I always assumed it was Uprising, which I would honestly prefer as a closer over Starlight.
  12. Actually, it would be awesome to see the song Showbiz live (if Matt can still hit the notes), but I would honestly prefer it with the extended bass and drum intro that was on the album as opposed to just starting with guitar like in most live performances.
  13. I really don't care if Muse brings back Muscle Museum or any of their songs from Showbiz.
  14. Showbiz is the worst Muse album. It's still damn great, but the ones that came after it are even better.
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