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    Drawing, playing on piano/keyboard/viola, and listening to Muse of course :)
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    To waste space and watch tv!
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    Radiohead, Bonobo, Queen, The Mars Volta, Sparta, At-The Drive In, Circa Survive, Thursday, The Killers, Andrew Bird, This Town Needs Guns, The Lonely Forest, Sonic Youth.
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    National Treasure 1 + 2, Da Vinci Code
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    Psych, Doctor Who,House, NCIS, Law and Order SVU, Bones, QI, Jeeves and Wooster, White Collar, Kingdom, Drawn Together, Superjail, South Park, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Big Bang Thoery, How I Met Your Mother, 8 out of 10 cats, Big Fat Quiz of the Year
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    Showbiz, OOS, Absolution, BHAR, The Resistance, Hullabaloo, HAARP, Absolution DVD, and various B-sides.
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    Los Angeles Staples Center, September 25, 2010
  1. You're welcome,hope it was great.:happy:

  2. Happy Birthday! :party:

  3. Eye have found the strongest!

    (This profile makes me happy to no end :D)

  4. Awthanks. I am excite. :D I apologized for all the hexagons though, I'm sure that's going to be hell to color.



  5. You two are magical :awesome:. And so far, the comic shines more awesomeness than the gliterrati :D. Oh yeah, and I checked out the lineart for pg 3. It's looking good :).

  6. I AM SO AMAZED BY THE WIN THAT IS MY COLORING PERSON. LOOK WHAT I GAVE HER TO WORK WITH. http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s123/horsie890/Dead%20Star/cydonia-01.png


    I'm pretty sure she's magical.

  7. Lulz, comic is now posted, actually. I made a new thread for it, it's in Art and Poetry because that's my place of chilling.

  8. First dA, then here, depending on how much progress we make. Hopefully she'll send back the first page colored by tomorrow.

  9. Oh cool! When and where will it be posted :D?

  10. Someone on dA just asked to do a collaborative comic with me involving the planet of Cydonia and the Resistance earth-bridge. I don't know when it might be up because I just sent her the lineart and SHE'S COLORING IT WITH PHOTOSHOP OMG. But yeah. You mentioned dA and reminded me of it. Now you know. :LOL:

  11. happy birthday!! :D

  12. Happy birthday :D

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