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    Lost in the midwest, US
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    photography, listening to Muse, reading,etc, etc, etc...
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    Muse, Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age, System of a Down, The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, The Beatles, classical
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    Way too many
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    Project Runway, South Park, Extras, Spaced, Psych, Doctor Who, Flight of the Conchords, The Office, Top Gear, The Mighty Boosh, 30 Rock
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    Too many to list...
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    Chicago 3.12.10

    Sadly, that's all :(

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  1. This is awesome! He's aging like a fine wine I'm going to see them tomorrow...Makes me wish I'd gotten floor tickets.
  2. That is an amazing picture. He should quit Muse and go into modelling. x1000000000
  3. Thanks :) PCT is :awesome: great sisterhood :chuckle::facepalm:

  4. Hey! I love screencapping for the pct, so it's no problem! Your picspams are always great, too :yesey::awesome:

  5. Passing by to say hello and thanks for the pics again :awesome:

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