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  1. idk how y'all can decipher song titles from those blurs
  2. yeah, it's probably gonna be about cybernetic shit or something like that. I had hopes for another political album, given everything that's happened recently, but it's muse, who knows what'll happen
  3. If you don't like Matt's stage personality dont go to the show and quit whining damn
  4. I saw a couple seats open, but not many. I think it was close enough to sold out that they just called it that.
  5. I was actually kind of surprised, the 2nd night in LA was just drones songs and the singles. Was really hoping for something special.
  6. this is disgusting. i am...Revolt-ed.
  7. If they do those dates, and I get the 24th, I will have seen them exactly 3 years apart
  8. At least Revolt is a cohesive song. The Globalist is just a scrapbooking project.
  9. I feel the exact opposite. I usually fall asleep sometime after survival.
  10. Sad that she's not around anymore! :(

  11. I deleted it cos I thought it was stupid. :/

  12. Yes, we will. :D I'm excited. And also glad that tomorrow is not monday.

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