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  1. I was ill for a bit but I found a cure in BOOSH series 1-3 back to back :D Seriously I wanted to go see them live! I saw Muse in Teignmouth on my birthday, that really made my day. I do like the new stuff!

  2. lol Man Ray...my arch nemesis¬ :S

  3. Hey again! been a while since we last spoke, Are you liking the new Album? Some people don't seem to appreciate it much :(

  4. Hey again! What have you been up to these days?

  5. Wow who's that on your avatar?

  6. Hey, it's been absolutely ages since we last spoke! You still in the same place these days? Seriously I don't think we have spoken in ages! :(

  7. Bah I should keep in touch more...my bad, how are you these days? Did you enjoy your Bday?? :D x

  8. Death to the Man ray! :D How do these days?

  9. :D Hey again, how you been these days? I should really keep in touch more :(
  10. Hey you know I wonder what will be the next single they release off the Resistance? Unnatural Selection perhaps? :D

  11. Hey I hope you are well these days and congrats to the Russian national team for making the playoffs! :D

  12. Ha seriously I am about as pro TR as possible! I love EVERY Muse song ever made...well excluding that who knows who jam (I don't like the singer in that). Right now Guiding light and Unnatural Selection are my two favs! Oh and that symphony.......simply stunning finish to the album!

  13. Ah hello there! Well first off do you like the Resistance>>

  14. Hey I would love to hear you play TIRO some time! I have a recording of SMBH somewhere ifyou want it?

  15. Not much lol I was trying to play the new Muse stuff on the guitar. Guiding like is very fun and catchy to play :D what have you been learning?

  16. Whoops I forgot to say who I was....but a communist photo is of me. Well I think so much more of the Resistance than most musers. I LOVE EVERY SONG BY MUSE (excusing the Who Knows Who Jam). My fav at the moment is Guiding light and Uprising!

  17. I can't sign into MSN :( I want to talk before I go away!!! xxx

  18. Bah the Facebook link is naff! I tried but Just Debbie didn't narrow it down much :p

  19. Hey I see you play an instrument and do art, that's pretty cool! Do you play any Muse stuff?

  20. Ha I'm great! I was at the Seaside Rendezvous Shows and saw Muse for the first time! I'm not up to much these days...just waiting to see them again in Nov. Are you going to see them at all this year? Seriously the Resistance is pretty damn good! :D

  21. You forgotten me?

  22. Hello again! It has been so long since we last spoke, how are things? Like the new Muse album?

  23. Hello again! Sorry it has been so long since we last spoke, a lot has happened! I saw Muse play their homecoming gig Sept 4 -5 and it was my first ever Muse gig!!! Also I got the super Deluxe Resistance and I love it! At the moment I really like Guiding light :D

  24. Where are you? Listening to Muse I hope :D

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