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  1. Hey there did you hear about the competition to design the Muse Christmas page? I think you should definitely do it! :)

  2. Man slow pc! Very nice! When can I hear this?

  3. Very slow by Muse standards! Lyrics eh....care to elaborate on such said things?

  4. A code...You know how fast tickets sell out! I'd say it is worth the effort though entirely! That is what is keeping you busy then?

  5. Ha you sound surprised! Yeah I'm not usually on here much tbh. So tell me more :D

  6. Connections eh? That's pretty impressive! So when exactly is it? You must be dead excited!!! :D

  7. Ha well I hope they all go as planned (because you have been studying like crazy obv.) and where exactly is it that you are going to see your Maiden Muse Gig?? I'm so glad for you to finally get to go...I knew that feeling oh too well! :D

  8. ha that is really good to hear. I got the email about the textiles btw :D x

  9. lol hate patterson like I hate doherty :p I think Muse want to go do well in America so the film should help (but in the wrong way).

  10. Yes that film/book is terrible, I detest the hype around it and Muse....I hope these two things are best separated!

  11. Well I caught like the last bit of the set so I can't judge them on that, but yeah they weren't at their best...the sound system was rubbish! They can play better ;)

  12. Ah I am glad you liked them! I scored two goals that day!!! :)

  13. I don't know if they will be as good as I hope. I mean the Horrors are not Muse, but I still like them...especially count in fives! :D

  14. I can't wait to see them at wembley! :D

  15. I'm just looking into local dishes so I know what to try when I go to Russia :D Unless you can recommend anything else?

  16. I think the older stuff is better also. Still everything is always better live when Muse do it ;) What are you up to these days? x

  17. Aw that sounds terrible, I hope all is well? Mmm well actually I was going to ask you about some Russian cuisines. What can you tell me about Borscht, Pelmeni and Kholodets? I do know about Blinis and I love those!!! :D

  18. Hey there again, have you been to see Muse lately? This Resistance tour has been really amazing! I got to see them 3 times in the last 3 months!

  19. Ha ok if I get together a bunch of phrases that are useful for a tourist I'll send you them. Do you have plans to come back to the UK any time? :D

  20. Hey I hope you had a good birthday yesterday! Did you get up to much? :D

  21. Ah thanks for the Muse calendar! Some good work looks to have gone into it :p

  22. I am wanting to visit soon! Maybe you could help me out? :)

  23. Ha erm do you mean here? I don't really use the myspace anymore as it keeps crashing on me. So what is on your mind these days? Still wanting help with the english? :D I am always here to help you. Oh I forgot to ask, do you have NME in Russia?

  24. pff I had a good enough excuse...was at a Muse concert! That is now 3 in 3 months...not bad considering I had to wait 9 years to see them! Maybe they will play in Russian soon?

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