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    When I am not devoting my life to Muse, I am busy woking on a time machine that will enable me to go back and watch every gig that Muse have played to date (including the infamous battle of the bands gig!)
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    Listening to music, playing guitar and generally musing about muse! (I know that one last one was terrible)
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    MUSE! (well they are my favourite band), Rage Against The Machine, Gallows, Enter Shikari, Ghost of a Thousand, Jimi Hendrix, Einsturzende Neubauten
  • Favourite Films
    Too many to list, just feel free to ask though!
  • Favourite TV Shows
    DEXTER, Mighty Boosh, Family Guy, The Young Ones, Peep show (any other mitchell and webb stuff)
  • Favourite Books
    Inside The Muscle Museum!
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Origin of Symmetry
    Hullabaloo (CD)
    Hullabaloo (Live DVD)
    Dead Star/In Your World (Rare Japanese CD!)
    Absolution (Live DVD)
    Manic Depression (Muse Documentary DVD)
    Black Holes & Revelations
    Muse - The Supermassive Selection
    H.A.A.R.P (CD)
    H.A.A.R.P (Live DVD)
    Inside The Muscle Museum - Book (Updated version)
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    I haven't had the pleasure of being able to attend a Muse gig... yet!

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  1. Hey, Been even longer this time lol.... 2009 :-o How are you my long time Muse-O :D

  2. Good memories always. :) xx
  3. I hope you are having fun on your holidays. I have more pictures from my last trip to show you soon! :) xx

  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas:

  5. I miss you gg! :p x

  6. Feliz Ano Novo! :)

  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas:

  8. Lol too much here on the last post :p

    small keybord

  9. Hey dear guess what!!! I have a new ipod :) whit internet

    i still cant discover how to instal Msn or connect to my hotmail

    but i can be here

    so find me here

    i will be here sure but will tru to get

    online on the pc

    besos rojo xx

  10. What shows did you attend? I am pleased Muse will be playing Reading Festival this year...It has been so overdue!

    I hope for some really old OoS songs also! You?

  11. No , unfortunately i can't :( but i'll try iit soon :D

    and yeah that gig was amazing :yesey:

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