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  1. Hello long time since we speak! Have you enjoyed the new Muse song?? United States of Eurasia??

  2. Hey long time no speak! You seen the new Harry Potter film yet in the states?

  3. Ha well I want to travel as much as possible because I think while I'm young and free! Ok I'll do that for you >>

  4. the sooner we hear it the sooner we can do our version!!! :D

  5. hey hun I haven't been here for a while! Lol you won't want to see me on cam as I have grown one of these: http://blogs.nypost.com/popwrap/photos/michael-c-hall-moustache.jpg unless of course you like it? xxx

  6. Hello Laura. Not much longer until the first single is released from The Resistance!!! Are you excited?? x

  7. Hey there sorry I don't write much. I'm not here that often, are you looking forward to the new Muse album?? Do you like United States of Eurasia??

  8. Well apart from listening to United States of Eurasia over and over, I have been enjoying the fine summer weather and saving for my gap year! I want the new album so bad it's unbelievable! Btw I'm on facebook now!

  9. NO!!!! ORanGe ftw!!1 :D so what are your expectations of the new Muse Album??

  10. come and find me on facebook!

  11. I have facebook now! Mission accomplished!!!

  12. Ha am really good actually! I had a dream that I bumped into Muse in WHSmith and Matt was in the queque buying a book! I asked him to sign my one and he called Chris and Dom over!

  13. Yes you should def come back to Europe again! There is so many things here that you can't get in US. I'm going to Muse in Portugal and I can't wait... Especially after hearing United States of Eurasia + Collateral Damage :D

  14. The song is complete and its PERFECT! What do you want to make now??

  15. United states of eurasia1!!!!!

  16. lol yes I want to see....erm Portugal"

  17. Quite simply USoE is AMAZING!!! I love it and I know it will be big! It sounds like Bohemian Rhapsody but yet original like a true Muse song!

  18. Is good! I must have listened to USoE about a thousand times now I swear! Making the most of the holidays and praying for nice weather :p btw why don't you have any pics of yourself?

  19. I know but everytime I go on my PC I just listen to United States of Eurasia..... over and over! I absolutely love it!

  20. Indeed. Tbh I absolutely love the song! It has some nice elements that sound a lil bit like Beatles or Queen dare I say. Are you making me a pink suit?

  21. omg its been absolutely ages since we last chat! How are you? seriously exams are over and now I am free! Can't wait to see Muse in Nov!!!! The Resistance is gonna be EPIC x

  22. :p am glad to hear it! All I need know is a suit to match! Heard all of the new muse song yet? USoE?
  23. lol at least you know what I look like though :p

  24. You may call me..... Mr Orange :D for now!!!

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