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    fan of matthew bellamy and muse!
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    drawing, listening musics, arts, photography, day dreaming, play guitar, read comic books
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    university student
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    alice nine, the gazette, miyavi, simple plan, girugamesh
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    beauty and the beast, edward scissorhands, mulan, school of rock, trainspotting, secret window, all of pirates of caribean movies
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    azumi, akihabara @ deep, bloody monday, fly me to polaris, gokusen 1-3, hanakimi, happy tree friends, honey and clover, hotaru no hikari, koizora
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    showbiz, origin of symmetry, absolution, black holes, and revelations
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    Muse live concert at Jakarta
  1. Hey it's okay, thanks :)

  2. merry xmas and happy new year 2011! sorry for the late reply :)

  3. Hiya :)

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year! :xmas:

  4. hello... em define deviant art gallery!... coz maybe i have

  5. I love dogs, they're lovely. :D

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :happy:

    I have a week off school at the moment...just time to rest from all the exams and coursework and stuff...:happy:

  6. wew.. when i was a little i had a rabbit too, but the result is same, died :( and cats.. i just hate them haha :D now i have 2 dogs :)

    happy val's day!

  7. Hey thanks! :happy:

    No, I don't have a pet anymore. :( I used to have a rabbit some years ago, but it died.

    I'm kind of allergic to cats...cause I'm asthmatic and they make me sneeze as well. :LOL:

    How about you? :happy:

  8. wish u can do ur best for ur exam! :D

    thanks :) i hope i can get the best score :D

    do u have a pet?

  9. Hey! :happy: I am very good thanks, except I've got a whole week of just exams coming up next month. :facepalm:

    But congratulations on finishing yours!! :awesome: I am sure you have done great. ;)

  10. hey!! sorry for late reply :(

    how r u? :) we haven't talk lately

    i'm very happy cause i have finish my final exam! :D and i just wait for the result.. oh i'm so curious :( *hope i can get the best score XD

  11. :D I will try to find it, it's probably in the massive stack of CDs that are hanging around here in the study...:LOL:
  12. yeah, u should listen that again :) they're always awesome :D

  13. Aww...:kiss:

    The disney soundtrack? :happy: Gosh I haven't listened to that for a looong time...:eek: I'll have to dig it out again at some point. :awesome:

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