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  1. Hey where have you been? Listening to the new album I hope? :D

  2. Seriously you should, the whole album is going to blow your mind! It's not even expensive and you must help make Muse number one!

  3. haha yes I was! I was three rows back infront of Chris so my view was perfect :D A great way to experience a first ever Muse gig!

  4. I really like the song Uprising very catchy but I seem to be hooked on Undisclosed Desires and I belong to you. I must say I am really liking this album but I feared they would go commercial on this one....thankfully not :D

  5. The resistance is epic!!!

  6. What are your thoughts on the new Muse material off the Resistance?? :D

  7. I saw Muse finally! I think the new material is gonna be awesome, NO it is AWESOME¬ :D

  8. hot as always!!! I should get some new ones though, more vibrant ones!

  9. hey I saw Muse in Teignmouth! YEAH BOI¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

  10. Yo! How's the dirt these days?? :D

  11. haha a pedomelon seems less harmful to the kids. Also I'm sure I read somewhere that fruit is good for kids these days! :D

  12. I'm good thanks, still on the high from the Muse gig....I can't believe the new stuff is sooo good live! Do you have a fav song from the Resistance?

  13. Hry did you see Muse in Teingmouth?? They were amazing!!!! How is things these days? x

  14. Happy birthday haylie 19 is the new 18!!!! :D:musesign::LOL::party::kiss:Xxx

  15. Hello I just wanted to say happy birthday although it's a bit late! I was at the Muse gigs in Teignmouth! It was my birthday on the Friday so it's fair to say I had a good time! Did you attend these gigs?

  16. Ta very much! The Muse gig was excellent and the new songs are amazing live!!! :D

  17. hey Im cool thanks! Im off to see my first muse gig soon! :D

  18. Btw happy birthday for the other day :) x

  19. ok I will email! :)

  20. YUP its gonna be awesome!!! I hope they play some rare b sides like Easily or the Groove, I love those songs! You?

  21. Hey I never heard back from you the other day. You ok?? xx

  22. Im really well actually, it's my birthday tomorrow and I got the best present ever! Two Tickets to see Muse in Teignmouth!!!! I've waited 9 years for this moment! Ah Im glad you like the Red/Black Tele its amazing and my first choice guitar! How are you?? x

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