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    but ill put muse anyway. muse, generally indie.
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  1. im surprised nobodys thrown the sm7b in here... also for high spl levels on loud cabs, an electro voice re-20 can bring out a really nice tone, its a pretty 'creamy' mic
  2. ok maybe i didnt word myself very well, i meant that they give the appearance of sounding flat... i've yet to try them myself, they're next on my headphone to-buy list, but their reputation is impressive. I think you can do a bare mix on headphones, nothing great, but never would i ever produce a final mix on headphones. the new adam F series of monitors looks pretty fun for the pennies!
  3. I think if you want something thats good for tracking and for mixing (as taboo'd as it may be), the audio-technica ath-m50 has a pretty flat frequency response, so thats seen as as good...for headphones
  4. I'm a little bit obligated to stick around now :LOL: how's things with you anyway?

  5. haha every now and then i go and see whats on the selling thread... same for you boy!

  6. I didn't even know you still hung around these parts Ciaran haha

  7. milkybar=]

    Emex Londaxe

    i'd be super interested too!!!!
  8. ah automaps a pile of wank anyway, you can do most stuff without it, and sadly ive found latency problems in sibelius with lots of midi controllers...
  9. ive never found a way, unless you hook a soundcard up to a line in of the primary soundcard...which would then effectively use the old bouncing method, leaving you with mono tracks. so get a bigger soundcard
  10. can you post a full pic of that guitar? what is it? i absolutely love blue and tortoiseshell combo, realllly wanna a strat or jag/jazz with it, but so hard to find second hand
  11. buy a mixer, then you can have the stereo outputs of the mixer going into the 2 inputs in the interface...beware that you cant change the levels or eq of the tracks you have recorded as the mixer is just sending an output of all the tracks, not individual instruments
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