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    Swindon, UK
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    I play Darts for the Swindon Ladies League which I enjoy very much. I love Football and support Arsenal. I like going to see Live Bands and have a rep for being a party girl, socializing is the best, seeing my friends and being out and about. I'm also a fan of festivals and love being out doors, I've been to soo many festivals this year I love it ;-) xx
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    Razorlight, Elbow, Queen....and loads more :-)
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    I love Shawshank Redemption, American History X and fantasy films (Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars etc..).
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Friends, Hollyoaks, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Live at the Apollo, Top Gear, Mock of the Week and 8 out of 10 Cat's.
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    True Stories and Crimes
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    H.A.A.R.P. Live at Wembley. Was very annoyed I couldn't get tickets to V Fest!! x
  1. Hey, Been even longer this time lol.... 2009 :-o How are you my long time Muse-O :D

  2. Ha I'm great! I was at the Seaside Rendezvous Shows and saw Muse for the first time! I'm not up to much these days...just waiting to see them again in Nov. Are you going to see them at all this year? Seriously the Resistance is pretty damn good! :D

  3. Hey, long time no speak... How's tricks? I'm not going in September I'm going to see Muse November 13th. Hope your well :-)

  4. soory try to keep in touch more¬ how are you?? looking forward to sept 14??

  5. Heyyyyaaaa beb!!! hows it going?? hope your faaaaab!! (: xx

  6. Hey, NYE was cool, just glad 08 is done with bring on the new year hehe. How was your Crimbo and New Year? :-)

  7. Hey its been absolutely ages since we spoke! How was your NYE?? xx

  8. Hey have you heard anything about the Muse RAH DVD?? Some people say its available for download! x

  9. awwwwwwww hun :(


    hope your okay!!!!!!


    im okay ....... just starting to pay off my backpiece tattoo ready for january!! (:


    having gothic angel wings ;) should look nice


    plus im getting my lip pierced 3 times on monday lololo


    what have you been up to??


    fingers crossed for ya hun :D



  10. Your welcome lol! Yeah I'm kinda hoping MUSE headline next years Reading Festival coz my friend got pre-sale tickets lol! Be nice to finally see them live!!! x :p

  11. Hey,

    Sorry for very delayed reply. No worries for the ad.

    How's things keeping?


  12. Hey, not been on here for time. I'm good thanx Hun. How's you been since the last message :-) I've had a nightmare last couple of weeks, things can only get better though so fingers crossed ;-) xxx

  13. Hey thanks for the add again btw! :D x

  14. had a fairly boring weekend babe :(


    had a house party friday.....shit day saturday and went cruising in my mates car last night :D


    how are you????xxxxxxxx

  15. Good Ta cherub :-D

    You up to much at the weekend? My friends band is playing this weekend I think so will have to go and watch them which is always fun. You'll have to listen to them on You Tube, quality on there isn't the best but still good. They're called The Kulucci March. Catch up with ya soon,



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