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  1. Seriously I absolutely love the new album! I got to see them on the 4th September when they played in Teignmouth, my first ever Muse gig! I love resistance and unnatural selection!

  2. I hope you got those tickets! Let me know ASAP ok>

  3. erm CD obv, DVD, Extra CD, " Vinyl LP records, a USB, some artwork :D It's the deluxe set for like £60

  4. Whay! Ha is that the Deluxe edition too with all the goodies? I got that bundle for my birthday!

  5. Hey do you have it yet? THE RESISTANCE??

  6. Ha I have succumbed to the fate of bookface now...It had to be done eventually I suppose! So how you liking the new Muse album??

  7. Hey I'm learning to play Unnatural Selection! I am so addicted to this song now (poor I-pod having to play it over and over). I WANT THE TRUTH :D Did you happen to see the fake live Uprising in Italy?? xx

  8. Can you play Muse riffage? Plug in Baby and koC are musts! Well what guitar do you like?

  9. hahaha envy me as I play some mighty muse riffage! Ha you better not get a cheap ass guitar, they sound lame so go for broke kid! :D

  10. The guitar is kept safe from jealous fans! You want it??

  11. Do you have a particular fav of the new album? I quite like Uprising and MK Ultra:D

  12. Good thanks to the Resistance album. I must say it is rather good, but then I like EVERY muse song. Are Muse that big in america?

  13. Hello there. Are you a big fan of Muse?

  14. Ha get it fixed silly! Well good to hear from you again and I hope you are fond of the new album as much as I am! :D

  15. Ooo nasty! Well I hope you are better. Well I saw Muse in Teignmouth on the 4th, it was an EPIC gig and I got to hear the new songs too so I feel pretty privileged.

  16. Hey I hope your birthday was cool too, what did you get up to? I saw the bit on Youtube for Uprising. Man that was pretty amazing, especially where Matt ran outside to play for the poor people who couldn't get in! Were you there then?? x

  17. Oh that's still good to hear though that you got a C! I also got a C in Media so hey it's cool. Yeah I saw Muse on my Birthday which was excellent, then on the 14th my supermassive ltd edition Resistance bundle came, which was awesome! The album is really good when I first heard it and I think Unnatural Selection or Guiding Light is my fav atm. Now I'm just waiting to see them live again now in Nov!!! :D x

  18. Ha did you see Pete throw for the Dodgers?


    *Possible error on the team

  19. I HATE MSN! I want our long chats back :(

  20. And Now I have the Album!!!

  21. Ha but which one there are so many mansons?? SAME I got it pre ordered for me birthday! It kicks ass but I dunno what's on the USB yet. I'm from the birth place of one MB! :D

  22. Lol my supermassive ltd edition album came today WHOOP!!!! :D

  23. haha I wouldn't maybe a song like Agitated being brought back and Matt using a Destroyer so he just throw it into the crowd! Mind you I wouldn't complain if he threw one of his mansons at me!

  24. I started to learn it today, I'm addicted too! It's hard but I never thought I would learn to play Plug in Baby :D

  25. No way! I was in front of Chris on the friday 3 rows back, I had an awesome view! Wow did you have to fight off anyone to get the drumstick and how about the new songs?? :D

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