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  1. some exciting news!

  2. HEy Ro guess what??

  3. haha Muse gig 2mo JEALOUS?>?

  4. Hey I got some recordings of me playing do you want me to send you them? x

  5. I can't wait to see Muse soon ^^ xxx

  6. WHA.....!!! I am so jealous and he even gets a straw and everything! Well I think you're being mean¬ Why does he get a wish and I don't??

  7. Fair do's I just want to see a pic now of the person who has stripped me of my title¬! :p

  8. Hello Laura want to do another song soon? I'm feeling it :)

  9. MUSE are coming!!!!!!! How are you holding up?

  10. Hey where are you? x

  11. It's a tricky song, most of the muse songs I learnt are from the early Showbiz and OoS days. I only know a few off the new albums! Plug in Baby is my favourite to play! What guitars do you have??

  12. Where have you been? missing you hun xxx

  13. lol that there not doing it anymore... :( I spoke to milky joe the other day, he said nothing!

  14. Yo bye bye Alonso :D should have come to Utd

  15. I think that USoE just edges it. I think also because of collateral damage (love that chopin song) because it is so relaxing and peaceful! http://muse.mu/shop/product/138/the-resistance/menu/2/music/ seen this?#

  16. Here, there and everywhere I see. Well I've been trying to get some more gigs together and generally try to play as much as possible!

  17. Hey it's been an absolute age since we last spoke. I don't suppose you heard the news about the Boosh? :(

  18. Oi where you hiding? I don't hear from you much these days! :p

  19. Hey whhere have you gone? No more question time"!?/

  20. Quick question....Uprising, love or hate?

  21. Hey have you done anymore drawings recently?? Do you prefer Uprising or USoE?

  22. I have decided that I prefer United States of Eurasia to Uprising, although both are really good!

  23. I really prefer USoE to uprising. I can't see it being as good

  24. Ha I sure am....well 9 years of never seeing muse live does that to you! How are you? x

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