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    My name is Debbie. Not Deborah, or Debra, its just Debbie.
    I love Chocolate and ice cream, but i dont like Chocolate ice cream. i have no idea why. kthxbai :)
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    singing, writing, reading, doing math (wtf)
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    Incubus, The Killers, Paramore, All American Rejects, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie, whatnots.
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    25th Feb 2007 - Stadium Negara, KL,
    3rd Feb 2009 - Singapore
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  1. Waahh i didnt know the thread was still alive! hello everyone!! :D I finally FINALLY got my hands on the 2nd law woohoo! needs more album art imho. because I like album art ^_^ its like the CD booklet thing is getting thinner and thinner as the years go by Liz I'm open to a muser meet up hehe! But I cant make it on the 3rd nov.. have finals on the 7th nov eeek! My last paper is on the 12th nov so im free after that whee I cant really contribute to the K-pop topic much haha I only know a bit about Big Bang, SNSD and 2NE1.. that's about it lol!
  2. Lol! Well 1 whole day was spent at Universal Studios, and the first and last day were just half days so yeah not much time lol. Universal Studios is super fun!!!! akjdfafj;slfjf;alja must go at least once in your life k. haha. FTP was good!! However I did spend almost half the time slowly nudging and easing my way to the front. Sound system could have been better, and setlist could have been longer, but the short 13-song setlist was understandable since they only have one album! Hmm what else what else. Oh right, like 70% of the crowd were KIDS!!! High school kids. I even saw a pair of 11-12 year-olds. Was quite shocking. I had no idea FTP was appealing to that crowd. There were also a surprising amount of ang mohs in the crowd. ang moh kids. Probably from some international school. As for the band itself, Mark Foster the vocalist was also playing the guitar, keyboard and drums (that I noticed, could be more for all i know!) damn talented can! And in the upbeat songs he kept running back and forth the stage, reminded me a bit of Matt And on a more personal experience note.. At one point in the gig I was surrounded by this bunch of tall white rowdy kids, one of the dudes had his shirt off and he was SO STICKY. ALL OVER MY ARM. GAHHH. That is all. LOL. Eh what Lee pace is in Breaking Dawn?! I didnt know that!! And yeah I know what you mean by the disappointing last few chapters. They hype it up so much and then the 'battle' just.. ends... because of a loophole. Very very anticlimactic. Oooh yeah I'll definitely check it out the next time I head to singapore... No idea when that's gonna happen though haha. Am pretty broke. but I'm curious as to what i'll find there lol! And eh what you're heading to the USA? which part?
  3. Death cab for cutie is also going to singapore!! and i think manila, or jakarta, i forgot where hahaha. I WISH WISH WISH THEY'D COME HERE :'( Oh and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NUT!!! :D I didnt manage to go to the indian supermarket at Singapore in the end, didnt have enough time there's so much to see in singapore that 3 days cant cover haha!
  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys i'm officially 21 now. i was 16 when i joined the board. My, HOW FAR WE HAVE COME!! and as for FTP, they only have 1 album to 'study' so its not so bad hahaha. and their songs are not bad as well! besides pumped up kicks, call it what you want, and helena beat, i also recommend houdini! it has that nice 'beat' to it. but we can always meet at dashboard if some of you dowan to go for FTP also. its cheaper also btw nut, sorry i couldnt contact you while i was in sg! didnt really have time also la, we spent our only full day in universal studios, it was so funnnnn!!
  5. Thank you Joelyn!! :D Okay guys so shall we continue our discussion for the 2 gigs here? hehe.
  6. No problem,hope it was fun.:happy:

  7. THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU!!! :D BTW guys anyone going for Foster The People or Dashboard Confessional next year? What a great way to start off 2012 with 2 great gigs!
  8. Heyyy thanks for the birthday wish! :happy:

  9. Selamat Hari Raya guys!! Hope you're having fun balik kampung-ing! And sadly Dashboard cancelled their gig here So Junk says they're looking for someone to replace em.. Hopefully someone good! I doubt I'd go if its Metallica though haha! I only know one song: Enter Sandman. and I'm memang not very into metal so yeah
  10. Sum 41 and Dashboard Confessional are heading their way here in October!! October 8th to be exact. Tickets are only RM68 (early bird) and RM88 (normal price). ANYONE GOING? :D
  11. Its 7.40pm now, Selamat Berbuka Puasa guys!! and eh what happened to our thread title? did someone change it? haha. Also, kak faz, how did you think the incubus gig went ah? I was a bit underwhelmed to be honest
  12. I actually think I might give this one a miss! Ticket prices have gone up a lot over the years and now its like.. the same price as sunburst, except its only for one band now. Not very worth it imho, since i've seen them already. and alsoooo uhhh I'm not really digging their new album :\ i feel bad for saying that maybe it just hasnt grown on me yet
  13. Weeelll incubus is coming to town! there's another chance for us to meet up again. Anyone plan on going?
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