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  1. I hope you are having fun on your holidays. I have more pictures from my last trip to show you soon! :) xx

  2. Hey Bruce. :-) Sorry.. i couldn't answer u in chat. cause it doesn't work from my phone :-P:-) Im ok. Just wanted to know what happen here. I graduated uni. Now having rest at home. Was at the sea in Odessa with boyfriend. And how are u?

  3. =)))) Thanks! yea, happy new year to u also!

  4. and to u, "hello"))

    lol, no im real...real robot. why u asking?

    well, all i dream about it's rest... i have a lot of work everyday.


    im not often on this site also*


  5. happy Birthday =)

  6. cool))) me too, but at the university. I want to complete this last 4 course, and will be free.

    i bet, it's boring... I dont want to the uni also. I'll go to Kherson on the next week.

    but this summer was great for me))) i have been on the Sea: Azov and Black sea. Had fun with my friends in the city and played guitar with my cousin. My sister Sveta came from Spain. so, im happy)

  7. hey Anton)))

    how are u??


  8. happy b-day! Best wishes! =)

  9. happy b-day! Best wishes! =)

  10. happy b-day! Best wishes! :)

  11. happy b-day! Best wishes! :)

  12. happy B-day! Best wishes! :)

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