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  1. I got my T shirt at the Muse gig in Teignmouth and was one of the first people to hear the new songs (whilst wearing that shirt) so it has a bit of Devon magic in it! :D

  2. I just realised I posted on my own page last time! Well I love Portugal for many reasons and I love to visit again, I admit I do like the Fado! I play a lot of classical guitar and it is very nice to learn. UK definitely has way better music and live bands though but I am not a fan of Mainstream Music, ha funny you should mention Music critic as I will be studying Music Journalism soon ;)

  3. First time I went to stay but I plan to come back, I am in love with it! I found it a little harder than German to learn but it's simple now ;) I am learning fado guitarra I love it. What do you like about UK?

  4. Hi there, I'm Scott. I speak many languages and I was at the Pavilhão Atlântico and it was easily my favourite gig! Do you like the new live set?

  5. Ola senhora, Como se charma? :)

  6. *Well the finger I suppose :D

  7. Now all the fans have to do is unify and watch the flag ascend!!! :D

  8. He didn't get sexiest male again!!! Ha I think they should make a clean sweep...even that worst dressed one too! I wonder how the muse site made it on there?

  9. Ha I'm voting for Muse whilst I have a few minutes free here! Vote for them too

  10. Ha I have that one too! I'm gonna be voting for them like crazy to win nme!!! :D

  11. Cool what sort of Muse poster?

  12. Well Dom is going to be busy so you will have to look further afield perhaps :D

  13. I know all about Muse expenses, I expect the Wembley tickets will be really expensive on ebay!

    I'm sure to be there in Rio :D I wish I could have been at the one in 2008 :(

  14. Ah the Rock in Rio tickets go on sale soon, are you off to that one as well? :D It will be epic!

  15. Ha really? That is pretty awesome. I wouldn't mind hearing this soon, were you nervous when you did it at all?

  16. ha that actually sounds pretty cool. Like this tee shirt? http://www.thegreenhead.com/imgs/octopus-t-shirt-1.jpg

  17. Don't forget the old gigs!

  18. There was the Teignmouth weekend, London O2 and Lisbon...not bad for a nine year wait! Bring on 2010 I say!!!

  19. It was an amazing gig and I love Portugal! It is a seriously awesome country!!! Muse seem to like it ;)

  20. I wait to see Muse on tour this year....and Wembley! :)

  21. Yeah 2009 was a nice year for me! I waited 9 (yes nine) years to watch Muse and I get to see them 4 times in a year! Lisbon show was definitely the best of the bunch!

  22. Ah that sounds great! I know you have been very busy (haven't we all). I've been able to get some things recorded so I will have to send you something soon! :)

  23. Ah what sort of tattoo are you going to have done? I'm planning an epic Euro Muse trip and eagerly awaiting the Wembley show!

  24. Resistance is single number 3 I see!

  25. Trust me Muse live, there is nothing else like it. If you get to see the towers too then you have lived! The only way to enjoy it fully is to get to the barrier!

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