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    All of them & the Hysteria promo cd. :)
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    14/11/06 - NEC, Birmingham.
    10/11/09 - NIA, Birmingham.
    11/09/10 - Wembley Stadium.
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  1. Long time no speak Hannah. Are you seeing Muse this time around?

  2. yeahhhh im finally at uni. sooo much better than high school, except tomorrows going to be terrible.

    did you see anything crazy happen?

  3. Hahaha really? That's hilarious! :p

    Yessss, the summer is awesome, mine is nearly over now though, got about 2 weeks left until i'm back at uni, can't wait tbh! Is it this year that you go to uni? :)

    Hahaha those riots were insane! I was definitely the cause of it :p

  4. hahahaha some girl actually got me a fake mustache. ;D

    and ive been very well thanks, summerrrrrr <3333 but whats this i hear about riots in london!? ill bet youre the cause of all of it.

  5. :O Finally got around to replying, it's been a very busy few months, I do apologise!!

    Aaaahhh, you don't need to grow a beard, just buy a fake one, no one will ever know and I swear I won't tell :p

    Hmmm, i'm not sure, it could have been curry though!

    How've you been? I miss you :(

  6. ahh dont worry about it you cat.

    well i could use a pirate beard. my inability to grow noticeable facial hair may be a bit of a hindrance.

    whatre you making?

  7. Quite a late reply...I do apologise!

    :LOL: We would make pretty awesome pirates...we just need a ship, and a crew!

    I know right, totally threw you off there!

    Oh man, my food is taking forever to cook :(

  8. head off to somalia!!! arrrrrghhh! :pirate:

    ahhhgh! you got me hannah. last time i let my guard down round you :LOL:

  9. You should totally become a pirate :awesome:

    :LOL: I thought i'd just try and throw you off a bit :p

  10. us 'mericans can only imagine.

    :LOL: i was actually expecting you to get at least a little upset at that one. damn....

  11. yeah, can't forget the raping and plundering....oh pirate life <3

    I know right! You're obviously better in every way and I should just make you a sandwich. :chuckle:

  12. and plundering :D haha

    theyre just annoying.. gawwwlll youre lucky guys are so genetically superior. clearly, we got the rough end of the deal :chuckle:

  13. Yeahhh, busy with drinking but shhhh :p

    Ooooh prom is always fun :D oooooh, you got girl problems?

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