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  1. hullo there! :) Things good?

  2. I am around for a chat really whenever! If you need help with your English, just ask me :D I am going to see Muse in 5 days so expect more photos! x

  3. Hey Muse tickets for Wembley, did you manage to get any at all?

  4. Wembley Tickets!!! YEAH BOY :)

  5. Ha it's not half bad a place to live, not the greatest weather but that is what a holiday is for. Ha Muse are by far the greatest UK band and that includes the greats!

  6. Same about the songs, I like every single song! I'm in the UK, which is probably why it took me 9 whole years to finally see Muse! :X

  7. Ha I love that lil emoticon thingy! Well you live in the states right? Does that make it mega hard to see Muse? Oh got a fav album/song?

  8. Ah well it took me 9 whole years to see my first ever Muse gig! Seaside rendezvous it was :D 2009. You got much of their songs?

  9. hi there! where have you been all this time? I have managed to see Muse twice since we last spoke. What do you get up to now? x

  10. Hi I saw the avatar and liked! :D seen muse live?

  11. Only wembley :( I did try for both though. Ha yeah it is that chat thingy, do you use it often? I hope you managed to get some tickets as well. :)

  12. Hi I added you on yahoo. x

  13. Check out the other videos I took on my page! :D
  14. I'm great thanks! Muse Wembley!!!!!!!! I have been to see them twice since we last spoke. The Teignmouth Weekend and the 12th Nov O2 Arena¬! It was so amazing to see the towers! I can't wait to see them again :D. What other sites do you use to talk on as well? Tell me how you have been. :) x

  15. I have muse videos and photos on Youtube!!!!

    see if you like! Sorry for late reply x
  16. Ah really? I would like to know what it is that you have been talking about me? I find some Muse photos to upload soon for you :D

  17. My phone died halfway through Uprising :( but check it out on You tube! So amazing x

  18. They played: Uprising, Resistance, Undisclosed, USoE, Guiding Light, Unnatural Selection and the Exo Genesis Part 1. Oh and the classics as well! Sorry although I was at the barrier my battery died halfway through Uprising! :( Youtube is a much better way to see

  19. Haha it is ok I am here now, I was in London for Muse gig so I have a good excuse! Best gig I have seen (to date). I can't wait to see the Horrors again when they support MUSE :D x

  20. Muse were Epic! Bring on the next show!!!!!! :D

  21. Yeah they only played Exo-Genesis part one (Overture) but man that was some performance! They had some crazy visuals and the stage was phenomenal, the set list was truly amazing also but I wanted to see some Muscle Museum :D Bring on the Muse tour!!!

  22. I was recording the whole gig on Fri from Uprising through to KoC BUT when I got home, I had discovered that my Dad had accidently recorded over that "Riff". It cuts out literally as the riff kicks in....man the view was epic!:(

  23. Same! I see no harm in liking EVERY single song Muse have ever made (excluding the sort of Who Knows Who jam thingy). It is pretty addictive at times to listen to Uprising seeing how I learned how to play it :D Guiding Light and Unnatural Selection are my next two to learn. I'm hoping to see some more of the oldies in the winter, I wouldn't mind hearing Bliss ~(w falsetto), The Groove, Agitated or maybe Uno again! You?

  24. Hey again, what have you been upto these days?

  25. Greetings again general, I send my condolences for the recent defeat! :D What's that 3 in a row? How are we?

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