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  1. happy birthday, have a good one!! :D:party:

  2. Ah a bit busy going absolutely crazy? Forgiven...http://www.youtube.com/user/emexlondaxe78?feature=mhw5 see my videos on there! :p

  3. Yeah, it was absolutely stunningly beautiful! I'd seen it on Youtube, but OH MY GOODNESS... LIVE... JUST... :dies: I didn't take any photos haha, I was a bit busy, if y'know what I mean? XD

  4. Yeah they are pretty epic live! Did you like the We are the Universe intro before Uprising? Did you take any photos at all?

  5. Hey! I went to two shows :) One in Virginia, and the other in Maryland :) Was going to the New York show, but it didn't work :((( Though I was well pleased with the two gigs I went to! :DD SO WORTH THREE YEARS OF WAITING. OMG. At the Maryland show, I got barrier between Chris and Dom! :awesome:

  6. Hey how are things? Are you planning much for the Muse tour of America?

  7. There was the Teignmouth weekend, London O2 and Lisbon...not bad for a nine year wait! Bring on 2010 I say!!!

  8. OHMYGOD Why couldn't you go to anything in the last decade?!!! DDD: That's terrible! :( I'm so happy you got to see them four times, though, which gigs?

  9. Yeah 2009 was a nice year for me! I waited 9 (yes nine) years to watch Muse and I get to see them 4 times in a year! Lisbon show was definitely the best of the bunch!

  10. OMG I haven't talked to you in so long! Sorry :'( How are you? I remember you'd just seen Muse last time we'd spoken :DD I'm seeing them in less than two months - twice in a week! :)

  11. Hey stranger, what are you up to these days?

  12. Hi! I'm trying to go to the Baltimore gig. I missed out on VA, and I've never seen Muse before so I NEED to be at Baltimore haha.

  13. Hello! I see you live in MD... me too! I only know ONE other Muser here, so it's all ways nice to meet more haha :) You going to any gigs?

  14. just enter on this page: http://anniemusse.deviantart.com/art...2010-145742798 and click in "download" (left side) and you will find the ".rar" file who contains the whole muse calendar 2010! kisses!

  15. ooooo a CALENDAR?! ...I can haz?? :D

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