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    Russia, Moscow
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    english, british music, Britain, garage style, independent, NME, 60's, MUSEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
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    Horror films!!!!
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    Patricia Cornwell
    Jack The Ripper!!
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    Oct. 15. OS Luzhniki. Moscow.
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  2. Yay! It's Irene! :D Nice to find you here too! ;)



  3. ahhh hello !!!

    glad to see you here ;)

  4. hello Scotty :)

    I think we havent spoken for ages:rolleyes:

    are u busy as usual?

    how are things going?

  5. sometimes it's happend ahah;)


    tell me where do you spend most of your time?;)


    miss Brit it sounds nice:D

    well i'm not in moscow

    in moscow region, here me parents live and grandparents

    but i'm here only on holidays. now summer and i'm here:D

    my close friends live too here

    i'm very often repeat the word 'here':D

    i dont like my language :stunned:

    soon i'm going to amsterdam but i'll be there only 2 days then i'll go to belgium and germany

    hope the trip will be cool!


    well, well..and what about you?any plans?

  6. Aw that's cute...you forgot your password?? Haha no kidding when I say this but er me too! :D Oh and me well I've been good...just practicing with a couple of mates over here. And you Miss Brit...how have you been hun?? :) x

  7. hellooo

    yeah i'm here:D

    i forgot my password and couldnt go online

    well how are u?


  8. Hello again dear! I haven't talked very much to you but I see that you've been gone for quite a while! Is everything ok?? :) xx

  9. wow! i agree! :p

    on condition you'll help me:D

    two masters better than one


  10. Aha so maybe you can put your language skills to good work and come open up a pub in the UK...only a traditional one that has the finest indie music! :)

  11. Scoooot! as i remember you promised to send me some of your photos. where are they?:happy: i forgot how you look like:D

    hey uhooooo! i've passed my phonetics exam on excellent!!:happy: i'm glad

    i wanna brag you:p well, my pronunciation is very good:rolleyes::p

  12. no photos but videos are better! Stade de Suisse ftw :Dhttp://www.youtube.com/user/emexlondaxe78

  13. you ask! suuuureeee!:)


    didnt you recieve my messages? in private

  14. I'm here :) ah miss me?

  15. tu tuuuu where are u?

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