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  1. Mmm I dunno I get hooked on songs that I can play myself. But right now Do We Need This is my fav... The Groove is close! You play guitar?

  2. I dunno do you think it is an attempt to be a little bit mainstream? I think there needs to be something more with this song. It's not going to be one of there most definitive songs that's for sure!

  3. Hey its been absolutely ages! Where are you these days?? x

  4. It's kinda catching on me but I think its a lil too diverse from what they usually do. I want riffs and I want them now!

  5. Hey man so far which song do you prefer more? USoE or Uprising?

  6. I like USoE more, mostly because it's so bombastic! Also Collateral Damage is a nice touch don't you think?

  7. Where are you?

  8. Hey sorry long time no speak...my bad! tell me what you think of the new Muse songs??

  9. Hey are you a fan of the new song Uprising?

  10. Sept 14th is going to be an extra special time for someone? What do you think of Uprising?

  11. Hey your new! What's your fav muse song??

  12. Hey Milky Joe, still not speaking to Howard and Vince?

  13. mmm where can I see/hear some of Void's music??

  14. ha I thought that they were going to incorporate Osaka Bass Jam into the Resistance. I thought that it was going to be collateral damage.

  15. I'm seeing all these Matt Dom gay pics and I gotta say, poor Dommeh doesn't deserve it lol. I wonder how it all started??

  16. Hey man do you like the new Muse songs USoE and Uprising so far?

  17. Wow that's pretty damn cool to be honest! I like writing music and just sometimes it will come quite easily but then there's times when I write nothing for weeks on end. So what sort of stuff you doing then?

  18. oooo songs?? explain/share?

  19. Hey Melon! I haven't spoke in a while, my bad! I listened to the new song... uprising and I def think its different... but I like it!

  20. Hey you haven't forgotten about me forgotteninjune have you?? :p

  21. Hey you! How are ya?? Tried to chat last night but you disappeared!

  22. Yo heard the new Muse song uprising? Matt is THE TIME LORD!!!!!

  23. Hey did you hear the new Muse song? It sounds so Dr Who¬¬¬¬¬ you ok?

  24. Hey sorry I haven't been around much to talk, but I am so excited about the Resistance. I simply love USoE it's EPIC!!! and Uprsising sounds so cool (but I hope Matt doesn't rap!)

  25. Hey sorry its been a while I tend to visit here less often! How is things in your part of the world?? I heard United States of Eurasia and I love it! What do you think??

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