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    16 year old girl from London, a bit loopy. Is there much else to say?
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    I play bass. And I also sing! I do a bit of drawing and painting too - not that I'm that good!

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    Sexy people
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    Radiohead, lol.
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    Donnie Darko, Silence of the Lambs, Memoirs of a Geisha, Sweeney Todd, Labyrinth... and more!
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    Scrubs, Family Guy, ANTM, DOCTOR WHO!
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    Silly comedy books, Stephen King, yeah.
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    Too many.
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    Wembley Arena November 2006
    Wembley Stadium June 2007
  1. Ahh good got a pair in 403 which isnt THAT bad I guess...
  2. It told me I had multiple tabs open but I just had one, thats whats so infuriating
  3. Pissed as I got 118 tickets really close and ticketmaster threw me out. I put all my payment info in and everything...! EDIT: block 118, not 188 tickets herp derp
  4. Parcel arrived today. :awesome: Thank you!

  5. I CAN'T ACCESS BANTER OH NOES! Same problem as OP, it just wont let me access any of it...
  6. Hey I see you play an instrument and do art, that's pretty cool! Do you play any Muse stuff?

  7. Hello there hope life is good.

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