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  1. And Matt really didn't like TSP more than 15 years ago. Doesn't mean he doesn't like it now...? You're quibbling semantics. Anyway, my point was that I assume Matt doesn't have a monopoly on deciding which songs will get played, so what he said on the radio shouldn't necessarily put people off voting for it if that's what they want to hear...
  2. I am Don't care if it's a wasted vote, I'm trying for it anyway. I like it too much not to try But Chris and Dom both really like it. Matt wanted Fury instead of TSP on the main tracklist of Absolution but was outvoted, which is why it ended up as the Japan bonus track.
  3. How's everyone's lists coming along? Mine's currently looking like this: showbiz fury futurism dead star assassin spiral static falling away with you hate this and I'll love you in your world easily but I keep finding other songs I want too, and they might be more realistic songs to vote for I mean, I'm almost certain that Spiral Static and FAWY stand no chance of getting played, but I can hope, right?
  4. I've got an email saying my application was successful and that my account's been debited, but the money which was taken out when I applied for the tickets has apparently been put back into my account... confused
  5. thanks for the advice; I'll be sure to do that!
  6. No, my dad's coming, too. He is also a crazy Muse fan who travels across Europe to see them
  7. I'm going to try and get tickets to one of the London dates, but last time Muse played the O2 arena, the tickets sold out in about 5 minutes and I didn't get any thank you for telling me how to get the code, by the way. It's arrived now
  8. The venue in Estonia is nice and small Also, I've never been to Estonia and this is a good excuse to come and visit
  9. Thank you I signed up to fbi.ee but it hasn't sent me a code. Is it meant to have sent it now or will it send tomorrow? the website is hard to understand because it doesn't translate to english very well
  10. Can someone put up a link to the ticket website, ready for when they go on sale? The one on muse.mu appears to be a dead link
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