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    so many
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    Osaka-jo Hall 9th Jan 2010
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  1. uchu

    cheers Krista, Merry Christmas xx

  2. Kris.

    Have a happy Chwistmas! :xmas:


  3. Thanks! Oh dear! :LOL:

  4. Congratulations on Triple J stuff. :LOL:

  5. Kris.

    Uchuuuuu! ^^ :party:

  6. uchu

    Heeeeyy Krista! :dance:

  7. You are verryyy welcome Uchuuuuuu :kiss:

  8. Hi Sara, thanks for friend request!

  9. Thanks, but I'm too lazy to update these days... :$

  10. Just discovered your Supermassive-Muse blog, it's great, good work :D

  11. Lua

    Jsut say hello to you. Can't wait to see Muse this summer again:D

  12. Thanks for the tweets!

  13. Hi, I moved to here Kobe in April for Uni. I was 4 years old or so, so I don't remember it exactly. Of course, I saw so many disastrous scenes in photos, TV, and anything. You can't imagine that massive quake occurred here if you come to Kobe because it was rebuilt by amazing works...

  14. :0 you live where that massive earthquake happened..but you prolly knew that of course :p

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