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  1. Great show! I've seen them at the Fillmore, Red Rocks, and now the Pepsi Center... I'd have to say in terms of energy this was the best. Sound wise, seems like the Fillmore takes the cake surprisingly. BUT FUCK YEAH MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE
  2. One of the Japanese performances of Hyper Music (I'm pretty sure), where Matt is singing the verse and instead of saying one of the lines, he just moves away from the mic and lets the guitar wail alone. Pretty sweet moment imo.
  3. Well, I think we've mostly come to the conclusion that in order for the Resistance to be successful, we mustn't activate the code.
  4. Hmm. That's a good argument, and of course I understand it. But I still don't know. I think that we should activate, if only it's because your Dr. Who avatar makes my human desire to discover the unknown that much stronger. EDIT: Of course, I also just realized that if the Resistance is mobilized, doesn't that accomplish some task of Muse's as well? And we can only do that if we don't activate. So, do we do as we're told now, or later?
  5. True. But I wonder if the songs lyrics have that much, if anything, to do with the treasure hunt.
  6. Now, hold on everyone. This treasure hunt promised us a few days ago that the US would have a big part in the unification process. Now, isn't the UN in New York City? And isn't America still a leading world power? I believe we should finish what we started, and activate. As HumInt recruits, we have an obligation to follow the orders given to us. It's what we signed up for. As long as the game continues, so we must we.
  7. "Charles Henry Parkhurst The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition | 2008 | The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Copyright 2008 Columbia University Press. (Hide copyright information) Copyright Charles Henry Parkhurst 1842-1933, American clergyman and reformer, b. Framingham, Mass., grad. Amherst 1866, and studied theology at Halle and Leipzig. He was pastor of the Congregational Church at Lenox, Mass. (1874-80), and of the Madison Square Presbyterian Church, New York City" Does this help?
  8. The first time I heard Muse was in 2004, when I heard Time is Running Out, and I didn't really like it. Months later, the chorus kept popping up in my head, so I went and found them, bought the album, and have been a fan ever since.
  9. I think that when a band can make an album as well-produced and fit together as Absolution, and then carry on to still manage the best live shows around, that says something for the band. I don't believe there is a contradiction in the way that Absolution and Muse Live sound, or in the production. I do prefer a raw Muse song, I must say, but I also enjoy listening to the careful planning and construction of their album tracks as well. EVERY Muse album has been over-produced to an extent. They love Big sound, and Big music; it's only natural that their albums be Big. The songs change as they go to live versions, and usually in ways that do not detract from them, but make them different in a good way.
  10. I dunno. Chris is a good harmonizer, but that's about all in my opinion. Maybe he could do a slower song. Of course, judging by the way he likes to headbang all the time, I would assume he has some latent metal powers waiting to spring out.
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