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    likes yellow,pizza & sea
  • Birthday 06/17/1992

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    playing the guitar,listening to music,editing photos and videos,playing tennis.
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    A Perfect Circle, Agnostic Front, Al Di Meola, Allan Holdsworth, Alter Bridge, Annihilator, Atheist, Between The Buried And Me, Biomechanical, Black Label Society, Black Light Burns, Black Sabbath, Blotted Science, Buckethead, Bulldoze, Burst, Celtic Frost, Chevelle, Cosmosquad, Cynic, Damageplan, Darkest Hour, Death, Deep Purple, Deftones, dEUS, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dire Straits, The Dregs (Dixie Dregs), Dominici, Down, Dream Theater, Dredg, Electromagnets, Engine, Eric Johnson, Explosions In The Sky, Extrema, Extreme, Faith No More, Fantomas, Fates Warning, Fear Factory, Flotsam And Jatsam, Frank Zappa, God Forbid, Gordian Knot, Hatesphere, Hellyeah, Hypocrisy, Into Eternity, Iommi, Iron Maiden, Isis, Jeff Beck, Jeff Loomis (solo), The Jelly Jam, Joe Satriani, John McLaughlin, John Petrucci (solo), Lamb Of God, Led Zeppelin, Lightning Bolt, Liquid Tension Experiment, Machine Head, Madball, Mahavisnu Orchestra, Mastodon, Megadeth, Meshuggah, Mike Stern, Mr Bungle, Mudvayne, Muse,
  • Favourite Films
    The Lord of the Rings,The Prestige,Pulp Fiction and...don't know the English title XD in Italian it's "L'uomo senza sonno"
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    all the albums and dvds
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    I saw MUSE in Verona,july 2007.Until the moment I will be 18 I will see a concert per year,when I will be over 18 much more(no need Mum!! XD )
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