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Absolute Radio interview with Matt at Silver Clef Awards


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dead-duck, that's excellent spotting re. the Target fabric pattern! I don't think Chris' shirt is exactly the same as the bedspread, but I'm sure it's the same artist's work, just a variation within the product line, used for different apps.


Ah okay thanks once again... Do we know what guitar it is then? Other from the fact that it was only used once when rehearsing with the edge..


It's closer in its configuration to the Ali Top Manson (the aluminum-plated one that replaced the De Lorean a few years ago), but it's not exactly like that, either.


It's its own beast, and now it's gone!

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Not sure if this news source is to be believed because Matt does seem a little overly chatty about his personal life here. Maybe he had had one too many and became a little loose lipped?:LOL:




This is actually quite funny! If Matt spewed that out to the 3 am girls when drunk I bet he is giving himself a huge :facepalm: this morning!

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was matt drunk? i just read an interview where the reporter mentioned he didnt want questions about kate hudson :erm:


what is that '3am' anyway?

ETA - dear god, nevermind, it's a scary tabloid euuurrrrgh!!!!! scary thing is, i can actually 'hear' matt saying some of the things he did, so i doubt it's completely fabricated.


dear god, who drugged the poor man so he'd feeding tabloids? lol



The original 3 am article is no longer there and there's a different version now. Shame because I thought it was good how they said "Matt Bellamy has obviously not dated an A list celebrity before" I thought "indeed" :LOL: Even the 3 am girls were commenting on his naivity in talking to them. Basically, apart from meeting Goldie, he hasn't said anything that isn't already known though. I reckon in the wedding bells thing he is playing with them, like he does all the time with everyone, basically! :LOL: Just hope he hasn't bitten off more than he can chew!

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heh @ that 3am girls story, i think it does actually sound real... give Matt a bit of wine and... oh dear... ;)

I need to investigate what you all have been talking about.... after the pool party and Smirnoffs.


:chuckle: Well, to be fair, with 4 kids and one on the way, you gotta be economical ;)

And Dom is the one who sewed the shirt....:chuckle:

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You have not seen Chris, right? :LOL:




Even with a flowery colourful shirt he still looks more manly than the other 2.


Matt does hype doesn't he?! - Re the stadium gig. Explosions? People in the air - well one person. :LOL:


Trouble is he says that stuff, the youngsters get excited about it and then it can fall short of their expectations.


Usual Bellamy BS, Wembley are just 2 other stadium gigs. End of.

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