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  1. Well, if you say so - care to enlighten me? Instead of being rude as usual?
  2. It's great to see more users speaking out against abuse and unpleasant behavior. Just because certain users are not always called out for bad behavior does not mean that it is acceptable. Hopefully we can move towards a more pleasant, welcoming community
  3. Not sure if this message was meant for me.. if it was, I certainly wasn't saying it is alright to invalidate others unexplained opinions just because they're subjective. I certainly do not condone such practices too.. and of course, all opinions are subjective, aren't they? My point was just that we should all respect each others opinions, for everyone has a right to it; but I feel that we should explain our opinions, otherwise it wouldn't make for constructive discussion..
  4. And if I may, the good-bad distinction is one that is subjective? Of course it is arguable that there are objective methods to evaluate a piece of music, but I think these would be technical. In my opinion, what matters most to us as the consumers is that we enjoy the music, isn't it? And that is certainly subjective... but it definitely helps to explain why you subjectively feel that a song is good or bad... maybe you dont like DI cuz you prefer a more rock-oriented sound, for example.
  5. Why, of course you're entitled to make unjustified comments. But I don't see how they are valuable then? And as educated, intelligent individuals, I think it's not too much to actually substantiate your points, especially if you feel strongly enough about it? Otherwise it might as well be a mindless conversation of "I think its good" - "No its not" - "it's good" - "it's not" etcetera Agreed with both your point and your reason.
  6. It looks like there will be an Asian tour in September. Quite (pleasantly) surprised because Asia usually does not get a tour this soon after album release (well, with the exception of Japan)
  7. Perhaps, but Matt also did say something about it being a "question and answer" with the lyrics... it could be a dialogue of sorts then - be it between a controller and the controlled, or between two inner voices of a single person?
  8. Thanks, was a good read. On The Handler referencing Showbiz, could it be in the lyrical sense instead of the sonic sense? Translated lyrics from the Rockol interview:"I will not let you control my feeling again (…), I’m escaping from your grip, you will never own me again". This does make one think about Showbiz' lyrics (controlling my feelings for too long...)
  9. Everyone already knows your style of unnecessary posts, no need to remind us of what you're (in)capable of. P.S. Sent you a pm. Do respond if you're capable of rational discussion. Anyway, back on topic, forgive me if someone has already brought it up, but this is the first time we're having the first three songs of an album as singles, isn't it? (That's assuming "Mercy" is indeed the next single!)
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