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  1. A couple pics from the show. More here
  2. MOTP from tonight's show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik-_DWqUl2c
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JEdaUq_uSg&feature=youtu.be Enjoy!
  4. We picked up .mu pre-sale GA tickets at will-call. The TM GA was paperless.
  5. Great shots, Jessica! I'm not done sorting through my pics. Only vid I took was Liquid State, which was a sweet surprise for me. The show was so much fun! Matt's interactions with crowd and Dom's karate moves, I knew about none of them going into the show. Besides being chocked by the security and the crowd behind me when Matt came down to the pit, the show exceeded my expectation!! PS: My Liquid State vid came out great!!! Can't wait to upload it but first a doctor's appointment to go to.
  6. Hey guys, Catherine asked me to start a fan flag in the North America tour starting in San Diego, and I was happy to oblige. It will travel around US/Canada and finally be joined together with the main flag from the European tour. I will have a blank flag tomorrow with markers for everyone to sign. Look for a large piece of white fabric spread out in the queue. It will be handed over to Jessica to continue in LA#1 and 2 and so on.
  7. Does this sum up the European setlists in the past few months? For the first time I'm going to the show with no knowledge of the current tour. I am ready to be blown away.
  8. Head over to In-N-Out by the Sports Area (I refuse to call it the current name). It should be easy to spot people with post-gig glow. 3102 SPORTS ARENA BL SAN DIEGO, CA 92110 If not, I can take 3 or 4 in my car.
  9. My confirmation says Will Call, and I am usually not the one to buy tix via Will Call. There must have not been any other options to choose from. It's been a long time since the tix purchase, and I forgot how it went. Anyhoo, the SD show may be the only Muse gig for me (haven't decided on the LA 3), so I intend to make it worthwhile. Any before or after meetup plans? Oh yeah, I'm doing lone queuing, so please say hello to me. I'm rather shy when sober.
  10. Thinking about going to this show. Send me a message if anyone is looking to unload 2 seating tix. Not too keen on the seats TM is offering at the moment.
  11. The show is just around the corner. Stopping by the thread to say Ello!
  12. Hi Mary, Looking forward to seeing you again. Will be looking for your flame-colored hair (if you still have it).
  13. Your hubbie is awesome! How can I train mine to do that. But he asked me this question once: Which one of these guys is the hottest, Eric (from True Blood), the werewolf (again, from True Blood), Captain Jack Harkness, or the bass player from Muse. Merry Christmas, PCT!
  14. Hello PCT, 's been a long time. Did you see today's pic?? I am so excited to see the return of Pedro!!!! And he brought his family with him. Sorry i can't post the pic here because I'm running out the door in a second. I'm running my first 5K this morning, and this is a big encouragement.
  15. Just found out the news as well. Congrats to Chris and Kelly! I think the rest of the Muse world stopped counting a few years ago. HELLO, PCT!! *waves* :LOL: He obviously has no financial difficulty supporting the large family.
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