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Hyper Music & Hyper Chondriac Music


Which version do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which version do you prefer?

    • Hyper Music
    • Hyper Chondriac Music
    • Both
    • Neither

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Hyper Music.


One reason.

Hyper Chondriac Music features on the shower/sex scene on Hullabaloo. Makes me kinda sad when I hear it now. ): which is pathetic. But, c'est la vie.


Your not the only one...I used to like HCM untill I saw hullabaloo...so yeah its Hyper Music for me too!

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Hyper Music is much better than HCM because the former has the best bassline in a Muse song which is something that the latter sorely lacks.


Perhaps they should have incorporated a slower version of the bassline somewhere in HCM. Ah well. It's still epic anyway.

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i reakon its one of muses most emotional songs, his singing after the guitar solo sounds like he's almost gonna cry and the outro sounds like kaoss pad mess around maybe ?




Matt didn't have the Kaoss stuff at the time, so it was probably some other synths/effects.

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