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  1. Max

    Reading & Leeds 2017

    I think Muse are going out to festivals next year for the money kicks.
  2. I went to London last Sunday and Manchester yesterday. Both shows had setlist pros (MAJOR pros) and cons (MAJOR cons) but I enjoyed both of them thoroughly. And I don't really remember enjoying many shows from the Resistance tour, so that's something. Also, glad I got to see them in the Manchester Arena last night. That is leagues above the O2 in so many ways.
  3. Is anyone else getting: An error occurred. Please try this event a little later, or start a new search.
  4. Matt would be wearing some sort of LED suit I feel. That will drag.
  5. Well, if you put both bands on a set of scales, I can see how you would come to answer, yes...
  6. Nope. In terms of mainstream popularity and single/album sales, nope.
  7. Just thought I'd drop in and say that Unsustainable isn't on the film (just as audio in the credits). Neither is Liquid State, Unintended, Blackout, Map of the Problematique or Stockholm Syndrome. Have nice dreams.
  8. Max

    Dear Niall

    Nothing more than an observation: I find it very, very interesting that the majority of people complaining vigorously against the ban fall under a certain 'demographic' - male and 21 and under. Anyway, the more of this I read the more it becomes apparent that this is now people a) complaining for the sake of complaining and throwing their toys out of the pram and b) people refusing to accept the valid arguments that they are being presented with.
  9. Max

    Dear Niall

    Hey, don't bring the Greenwoods into this! Anyway, I'm bloody tired so have to call time on this conversation. It's been illuminating.
  10. Max

    Dear Niall

    In that situation though, there's also the possibility that the offended party might not give a crap over what context the word was said in if they think that the word shouldn't be used at all. I'd also argue on the internet things like irony, sarcasm, etc. are much harder to detect, hence why people may have reacted strongly to Alex's post. See above.
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