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  1. Max

    Reading & Leeds 2017

    I think Muse are going out to festivals next year for the money kicks.
  2. I went to London last Sunday and Manchester yesterday. Both shows had setlist pros (MAJOR pros) and cons (MAJOR cons) but I enjoyed both of them thoroughly. And I don't really remember enjoying many shows from the Resistance tour, so that's something. Also, glad I got to see them in the Manchester Arena last night. That is leagues above the O2 in so many ways.
  3. Is anyone else getting: An error occurred. Please try this event a little later, or start a new search.
  4. Happy b-day! Best wishes! :)

  5. Max

    We should. :yesey: You can make it, since I don't know how to!

  6. Meep

    Max why is the rh thread full of morons suddenly :'( "omg TKOL" is soo challenging" " Thom, writer of no.1 record In Rainbows, can't write pop anymore". Can we have our own thread please?

  7. Meep

    merci raymond :happy: I am a mysterious character.

  8. Max

    Happy birthday you! :D It's been aaaaaaaaages since I saw you. :( Whenever I go to Scotland for meets you are never there!

  9. love your sig. af FTW!! :D

  10. Max

    Because there's nothing new to see as far as I'm aware. Simple as.

  11. bILLOO



    Why are you selling your Wembley ticket? Seeing as you're one of the few with common sense when it comes to setlist discussions...

  12. Hi there, just looking through Members and looking for the older ones that are still with the mind of Muse. You're one I found so if you're up with being friends, "hello!"

  13. happy happy birthday, max!!!!

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