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    Travel, Music, Whisky, Gigs, Politics, Snorkelling, Smoking, Swearing, Perving
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    White Stripes, Arcade Fire, Radiohead (lol), Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, Rage, Pixies, Beatles etc...
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    Lord of the Rings, Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Shaun of the Dead, Star Wars
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    Lost, Family Guy, Simpsons, Firefly, Extras, Twin Peaks, Daily Show, Flight of the Conchords
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    Travel writing, Douglas Coupland, Political rants, Tolkien (geek LOLOL)
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    Albums: Showbiz, OOS, Hullabaloo, Absolution, Black Holes
    Singles: Supermassive, Knights, Starlight, Dead Star ep (pride and joy), Plug in Baby promo from 2001 with snazzy white cover thingy, New Born,
    Absolution Box Set <3
    Hullabaloo and Absolution dvds, HAARP, some bootlegs...
    Er, lots of clothes and shit...
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    I wents to 2 nights at Wembley arena in 2006, the last night (23rd) being better than sex.
    Went to 2 dates in America in 2007 (Arizona and Irvine)
    Went to both New Zealand gigs (most mental weekend ever).
    Going to Dublin and V Fest this year while on my (conveniently timed) holiday
  1. wow that is awesome that you have seen them in so many countries! I would love to see them at wembly, big goal for me but I hear there is nothing like it!

  2. Since I am awake watching the World Cup, I'll have a moan. What the fuck, Myooze? Fail. We were lucky the Big Day Out was a decent gig, as they clearly can't be arsed to come back. At least not this year. I know its a pain to get here but really, this is pretty unimpressive. They will not come at ALL unless its tacked on to Australia as its just too expensive to bring all their shit. Sad panda
  3. I haven't read many Matt interviews lately, has he had some boring corporate aliens take over his brain or something? Because this doesn't seem like him at all However, you can't get away with completely fabricating an interview, not even in a tabloid, unless you put a 'hah hah!' disclaimer. Ergo, this is fucking weird
  4. Fucking (for now) Okay I'm just going to assume one New Zealand date will be announced. If not, I'll give it a miss. Seen them 9 times, I haven't had a Xmas holidays travelling through Vietnam yet. I'm a grown up now with a house and shit, I'm short of funtimes money *shrugs*
  5. u kno wat, NZ is the best country in the world

  6. Retarded thread. I vastly prefer happy, horny fangirls to bitching, whining, jealous-obsessive fanboys who count every song on every setlist and say the band is going down the gurgler just for playing Feeling Good every night and moan about riffs And what someone else said, its okay for you to have a wank over Megan Fox and I can't get all tingly over the Bellamy? Piss orf Squeeing PMTers are rather fun and besides, I can avoid them merely by not going into the PMT. Muse are a band with a lot of sex appeal who play very emotionally and sexually charged music, its inevitable that us ladies and some men are going to go 'would like to fuck him rather a lot, hmm yes' when thinking of M/D or C. Get over it.
  7. My sister rung me during Unnatural Selection, it sounded teh awesome. Can't wait till the Big Day Out They srsly need to bust out MK Ultra though
  8. I love :awesome:The Bellamy is never boring. That jacket looks like its trimmed with Xmas tree baubles. He's finally gone mad after reading too much whining about his 'I'll wear it every night until it gets smelly' clothes the last tour Speaking of whining, since they played 18 songs is everyone going to shut the fuck up now? No? If y'all had one gig every 3 years you'd probably be more grateful
  9. Hey Michelle, Richard, other peeps I know from November 07. Its that time again. I am dithering over Auckland-Gold Coast or Auckland-Sydney. I am glad there's a couple other things I like on the line up, otherwise I probably couldn't justify going. They better play for 90 minutes or I will be pissed. I've never been to a BDO but i've heard it can be a bit shit
  10. OMG, those macros are made of win I actually don't mind Twilight, or the books. They're nothing special but they're vaguely entertaining despite the scary christian subtext. I'm not bothered by IBTY being used in the movie, as its my least favourite song on the album. Publicity for Myooze is good
  11. It's also number one in New Zealand this week! This is the first time ever Muse have got to number one here
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