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new Helsinki Jam? "MK Jam"?


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Another interesting piece that will probably never make it into a song.


Does it really need to? They seem more like stuff that should "stay live". It kinda tarnishes what little goodness in them they may have, and I'm going to be honest and say that I find both of those jams pretty overrated and in some cases dull when listening to them on an average speaker. Helsinki Jam forexample was horribly boring on YouTube but live it served to contemplate the show.

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I like it! but Dom's drum sounds so "disco" (sorry i dont know the right word to describe it)


but looking from the video, i'm starting to worry that i wont be able to see anything if i'm seating at level 5 in wembley!! :'(

I was looking at a few videos, and I shouldn't worry.

Trust Muse! :D

The pyramid does have a roof, however it's sort of in a pointy shape. You're in safe hands. I'm sure you'll have a great view. From the videos I've been watching you get a great view from any perspective. :dance:

Plus the screens will give you a great view. :p

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