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    Radiohead (lol), Bloodhound Gang, Animal Collective, Iron Maiden, Nirvana
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    Fight Club, V for Vendetta, Gran Torino, I don't watch alot of movies unfortunately.
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    Everything on the Discovery Channel.
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    Stephen King stuff.
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    Everything ever released.
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    Lisbon, Pavilhão Atlântico '09
    Lisbon, Rock in rio '10
  1. There There 2+2=5 Lucky The National Anthem Talk Show Host Where I End And You Begin Climbing Up The Walls The Gloaming No Surprises Fake Plastic Trees Sit Down, Stand Up Go To Sleep Sail To The Moon (+ War Within a Breath) Paranoid Android Idioteque Everything In It's Right Place Encore Just Karma Police Street Spirit (Fade Out) Stockholm Syndrome
  2. 1. Undisclosed Desires. 2. Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) 3. Feeling Good 4. Guiding Light 5. Invincible 6. Supermassive Black Hole 7. I Belong To You 8. Resistance 9. Starlight 10. Unintended I'm gonna get flamed so hard... But choices are choices.
  4. I bet this is going to be accompanied on the piano, and she's going to do really soft womanly vocals with sustained notes, ballad-esque. I bet you 30 quid on that.
  5. Oh god. They're just arpeggios. Just because a song has the same few chords doesn't mean it's a rip off. holy shit.
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