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Iain Behr

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I think it would be immense if they named their album FSHSHHSHHHHHSHSSXDNMSWLWLSYAIAQSNZBAJAJSLRRAOABABAAABABABABADLSALAMKIOOOOOOOOJRJRJRJRRBONGO!!!?!? because people on the radio would have to pronounce it :LOL:


Or, I'm not sure if this has been done before, but I think it would be cool if they named their album 'you'.


Can you imagine the confusion?


'Yeeeeeeees! I just bought you'


'...What? :eek:'




'you is amazing!'


'...yes I know'


etc etc


Or Arithmatic, Arithmatock (stolen from Tom Waits, I know :p , but Radiohead got their band name from a Talking Heads' song so surely Muse can steal a song name for their album title? It's just so cool )



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