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  1. why arent you replying to me :(

  2. haha, i have your address too ya know :LOL:

    i'll make sure to drop by if i ever visit malaysia ;)

    btw at least i'll have enough time when school's over :) that's in two months :LOL:

    tho i will be working then... gah, i have no free time for months ahead! :LOL:

    you still haven't told me who are those guys in your signature :p and i guessed 2 and a half of them :LOL:

    btw, since you have shannon leto in your sig, does that mean you like 30 seconds to mars? cuz they have an upcoming album and tour like muse ^^

    anywho, speak to ya later :)

  3. been missing you too jo :(

    a lot of things to do, barely any time to actually sit on my B-U-double T :(

    that's why i dont come here anymore... well, i do come once in a fortnight or so, but i dont have time for posting..

    anyway, hope you're doing okay, i haven't received your letter yet, maybe it just got lost

    i may have some free time in the near future, so hope to see ya then :)

  4. hey jo, long time no see :p

    how's things? :)

    and who are those people in your signature :LOL: i recognise dom, shannon leto and the paramore guy, clueless for the last one tho xD

  5. yeah, poor me :(

    nope, still nothing :(

  6. yeah, i know it was chinese new year :p

    well i have a lot to do and stuff :( just school school school, dont have time to sit on my behind and actually do something else :(

    so, that's pretty much it, hope i'll have more time in the future

  7. aye there ntty

    me is at school lol

  8. hey hails :happy:

    hows ya? :)

  9. oh, okies, speak to you soonie :kiss:


    i thought you were eaten by crocodiles in an expedition in the african rain forests, with two scientists over 50!! HAPPY NEW YEAR :happy:

  11. don't we all.. srsly, don't. you'd be more recognised if you dress up as grace jones. ugh.
  12. yea :p

    thanks, you too :happy:

    nope, haven't recieved anything since like october :(

  13. this poll sucks. where the hell is the "radiohead, lol" option?!
  14. thanks and thanks :happy:

    hope this year will be more pornogenic then the last one ;)

  15. nawwww

    well, i was away aswell so i didn't get nominated for the other awards :LOL:

  16. well, yeah, it's kind'a cool :happy:

    i so hope you'll win the pornogenic obsessed award :p

  17. nah, no worries ;)

    i guess it was my fault anyway, i didn't come quite as often as i used to :p

    anywho, have a goood time tomorrowz ;)

  18. i thought you knew :erm:

    and i should have been nominated too :(

  19. well yeah :LOL:

    i didn't get nominated for pornogenic obseesed muser or best younger muser or sexiest male or funniest muser (and i should have!!) so i thought i'd win something :LOL:

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